A Letter To Bloglovin

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dear Bloglovin,

Your site tells me that it's time for the 2015 Bloglovin' Awards again. How exciting.

Much to my disappointment, I didn't make the cut for nominees. This makes nine years in a row now. Oh well, what can do you. But let's take a look at a few who did make the cut.

Wow. What a diverse group of women. Is that a brunette I even see? Making strides.

Fedoras are fun, aren't they?

I think it's great you have a celebrity blog award. I really do. Because I bet someone like Lauren Conrad or Gwenny Paltrow is siting at the computer at this very moment thinking, man I hope a win a blog award. It would probably make their year. Maybe it would even encourage them to actually write a post or two of their own on their blog. Jk jk, now I'm just getting carried away.

And I love that you have a "best sewing blog" category.

Very neat.

In fact, let's take a look at all of the categories you have, shall we?

-Best Street Style
-Breakthrough Fashion Blogger
-Best Beauty Blog
-Best Beauty Vlogger
-Beauty Influencer
-Best Personal Style
-Best Mens Fashion Blog
-Best Celebrity Blog
-Best Lifestyle Blog
-Best Written Content
-Best Brand
-Best Photography
-Best Blogger Business
-Best DIY Blog
-Best Sewing Blog
-Best Food Blog
-Best Travel Blog
-Best Fitness Blog
-Best Family Blog
-Best Wedding Blog
-Best Life Improvement Blog

Whoa. That's a lot of categories.

Clearly you have to draw the line somewhere, or you could end up with 1000 categories.

But what if you had a humor /comedy category? Wouldn't that be fun? I know a lot of comedians who have great blogs. They might not have the "prettiest blogs" necessarily, but damn they can tell a good joke.

Or what about a "best humanitarian" catergory? Someone who maybe doesn't put on lipstick every day but is trying to save the world?

Or... now hear me out on this one because it gets really crazy, best feminist blog? Eh? Too much? Yeah, probably.

I like ya Bloglovin', I really do. You send a lot of readers my way and I even signed up to win your "new blogger contest." Can I still be new if I've been doing this longer than anyone? Apparently yes because I'm still a little blog. Lols. But really, VOTE FOR ME HERE: just click follow.

So I like you, but I kinda think you're missing some categories. I feel like we as women are more than just beauty tips and sewing blogs. And I'm not discrediting the sewing blogs, those women are magicians with a needle and deserve all the credit.

It's just that when I look at the list all together, I think it could use a little more empowerment.

Let's just say if this was a list primarily of men, I can't help but think we'd see a lot more words like smart, strong, powerful... it wouldn't be centered around beauty and making things look pretty.

But maybe I'm way off here, let's open the polls. What does the list say to you? Am I just being Sensitive Sally today?


  1. Totally agree. It's so hard to find good feminist blogs or good humour (mmmm ice cream) blogs out there. I consider myself to be in both categories, so I'll just write in my name for these categories...make sure I spell "Deez Nutz" properly and....

  2. so last year when I wrote a letter to bloglovin (http://www.heleneinbetween.com/2014/08/dear-bloglovin-rant.html) they reached out to me, personally and told me that next year, things would change. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. maybe they added another beauty category or included a "new" fashion one but other than that they are all still the same. so basically, it's pretty hopeless. and really sad.

  3. You have to admit, though, that they nailed it with the diversity thing--I mean, there are blondes AND brunettes! I also think I spied a few bloggers over the age of 35! So inclusive.

  4. Honestly could they have come up with any more fashion blog categories? I can't help but think it must be discouraging for many bloggers who don't fit the young, white, weathly, homemaker type, I know it was for me and I am at least young and white. I can't imagine how discouraging it must be for minorities and even men who are interested in writing and sharing their work with the world. However, if they had a category for Best Absentee Blogger I might be in the running!

  5. I've only been to 3 of the blogs on the entire list. 3. And 2 of them sucked so bad I never went back. Hows that for picking the winners.

  6. Amen, sistah!!! Naiiiilllleed it. And funny thing - I don't know a single blog on their awards and I feel like I read a RIDICULOUS amount of blogs. It could almost be a fulltime job, but don't tell my boss seeing how I do it instead of my fulltime job. ;-) jk jk...or am I??? lol

  7. I like Bloglovin, but I am SO SICK of the fact that they seem to forget that there are other blogs besides fashion blogs out there. Even their "lifestyle" category is full of fashion blogs. It's super annoying.

  8. HA! Nailed it yet again. Same people overrrrrrrrrr and over. I LOVE the idea of a humor category. I have a personal blog but it's definitely more on the humor side and I feel like it never really fits into a box when people ask me to categorize it. Is it lifestyle? No. Fashion? Nope. Health? GOD NO. DIY? Lolz. I LOVE following people like you and would definitely vote for you in that category. C'mon Bloglovin!

  9. You know what? I think you get to be sensitive sally on this. I'm not a fan of the whole " blog awards" thing; it's intention might be honoring bloggers but I feel like it only pits the blogging community against each other, which is so the opposite of what blogging is about. Not impressed, bloglovin.

  10. Maybe I'm being a little sensitive with my pregnancy hormones over here but why all the hate for sewing blogs? I'm a feminist and I'm working my ass off to run a children's clothing boutique. That means I spend several hours a day at my sewing machine but I don't think that makes me not funny or not progressive. Working hard to create something with my hands is something I'm super proud of and I think all sewing blogs should be proud of too! I'm not disagreeing that there could be more categories and fewer that are focused on beauty and fashion, but you seem to really harp on the sewing blogs here.

    1. the opposite of hate for the sewing blogs, I get that it's hard to tell when I'm being sarcastic and not. and reading back I see that it might have been taken the wrong way. not my intention, was trying to do the opposite actually.

  11. You go girl! Bloggers are so much more than a list like that! What about best writer? Most creativity? Best material? Most newsworthy? Most honest? And you're right... most funny! Instead of awards that basically say "who spent the most money on their clothes/ blog this year?" Thanks for point this out Taylor!

  12. I would totally vote for you if there was a humor/comedy category! Some days I think I'm funny, but then I read your posts and I'm like, "Morgan you suck" lol. I think you're understandably a little annoyed because a lot of these people (LC) have all the money in the world and a whole team of people who working on their blog, so of course it's great and they'll get recognized. But they aren't really real. I would much rather read a "small" blogger any day. At least they have something to talk about.

  13. Disclaimer: I have never commented on another blog before. I've had my own blog for over a year, but I only recently discovered this blogging thing is basically an ENTIRE OTHER WORLD. And I'm totally with you on the blog categories. I chose to follow your blog because I was searching for a blog that wasn't entirely about fashion/beauty/ways to look good on the internet. I like your ideas for humor and humanitarian categories. Also, best adventure blog, most original blog, most empowering content blog, most relatable blog, best blogs created with no intent to make a profit... just brainstorming here. I'd love to see more representation of women getting out and doing stuff/overcoming obstacles. Because I'm starting to get super concerned about that fact that I've never even considered how my purses will transition between seasons, or whether my nightly face wash appropriately complements my morning exfoliation. "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

  14. A fing men. That's all. I seriously am so sick of Bloglovin. The ads and recommended sites in between posts is so ridiculous now. Bitch I live in Arizona and don't think Uggs would benefit me.

  15. Amen, girl... I don't post everyday, and I don't put a lot of time into advertising and marketing my blog so I don't have any bitterness about not being nominated... I am upset with just how it's set up, though. I completely agree with your comments! I think there are a few awards they can get rid of and add more that'll bring a more diverse group of bloggers in. :) I'd love to see one for college student blogs! Anyone who can handle a full class load and still blog everyday is my hero :D

    xx, Lizzy

  16. Agreed. What's funny though is the perspective of what makes a blogger "small" or big." To me you're a Big blogger if that makes you feel any better!

  17. I love that you pointed this out. There is SO MUCH MORE than what they have here. You're totally right. So many duplicates for beauty, why not something humanitarian?

  18. I'm annoyed with Bloglovin right now. Mainly because they won't answer my emails & I got a new domain & it won't let me switch the URL to my new domain without losing all my followers. I also feel like Bloglovin is a school where all the plastics are sitting together at the lunch table and meanwhile, the plain janes are still eating in the bathroom. Too Mean Girls? Probably, but also a little true.

  19. I agree, they need more categories! And what celebrity is excited about being nominated for a Bloglovin award? No one!

  20. Don't get me started. Bloglovin completely ignores blogs written by people over the ripe old age of 35.

  21. I don't follow any of Bloglovin's suggestions, because they're pretty much all fashion blogs, and as a man, that provides not a hint of interest.

    I do like how it is a platform for me to compile all of my non-WordPress blog-reading onto a single stop, but the more social aspects of Bloglovin' I have not engaged in. I want to stay a steadfast reader and commenter on a few blogs, rather than spread myself thinner than I'm already spread!

  22. Such good points! I feel like celebrities and brands should not be allowed to be in the running!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  23. Nailed it big time! Like why are celebrities even nominated?! Maybe one of their categories should be"Normal Everyday People Blogs"

  24. I think it would be cool to also have awards for bloggers with smaller followings like best of '0 to 499 followers' '500 to 1,000 followers' blogs etc because it's a little disappointing/discouraging when you click on some of them and their all HuGE blogs. I actually don't know much about heir awards, do readers nominate blogs? Or is it based on stats? Yes! To all those other fun categories you listed Taylor and he ones in the comments.

  25. This is why I never use Bloglovin'. I tried it for a week or so, and then I just couldn't stand it.

  26. great post. I'm a feminist and I wouldn't have even bat an eye at this list. Thanks for making really good points.