Ooozing With Summer

Monday, August 17, 2015

Okay moms, I see your back-to-school pics on Facebook. I do. And even though they're all very cute and full of Pinterest love, I'm choosing to ignore them. Because for me, it's still summer.

The ice-cream trucks are still circling the neighborhoods here in Chicago playing that chilling whistle song that they do. The mornings are still steamy leading into even hotter afternoons. The locusts are hissing for a solid 6-7 hours now. And that summer feeling that I know and love is still in the air.

Because when the weather starts to turn in Chicago, people get scared. In fact, I've come to realize that people in Chicago are actually scared all of the time, because we are constantly walking around with the fear of that big monster hiding in the closet. When is he going to come out again? I've heard he's going to be bigger and meaner this year than ever. Even worse than the last. Is that possible? Oh yes, it's always possible for him to be worse. And just when you let your guard down, he'll strike... He's coming....


I get anxiety thinking about it. I also get the urge to get the hell out thinking about it.

So for now, I choose summer.

And now I'm going to drop a bunch of summer pics that have been sitting on my phone for the past few weeks, from the weekend at lolla, to evening boat rides, to the PGA golf tournament we went to yesterday, and a few other randoms of me holding up my summer treats that HAD TO BE photographed.

I don't do this very often, but to be quite honest the words just aren't coming to me this morning. I had a very witty and life-changing post ready, but it left me. So instead, I'm going to do like the fashion bloggers and just post 100 pics. Humor me and pretend it's okay for today, would you? Thanks.

Here we go. A bunch of Chicago pics that are OOOZING WITH SUMMER.

I wore this to a wedding on Saturday. And I love the outfit, but the top came unclasped several times through out the night... Which made things interesting. Let's just say I made best friends with a lot of new drunk girls more than willing to help me out. So thank you helpful drunk girls, you were a life saver!

And yesterday we went to Whistling Straits in Wisconsin to watch the PGA championship. It was HOT. And they ran out of beer. But I got to see Jason Dufner walk down the course tossing his club between his legs like I used to do as a kid so it was totally worth it. I love you, Duf.

And now here come the randoms.

Thank you for looking at my online scrapbook today.

I'll be back with a post more worthy of your time tomorrow.



  1. Summer don't go! I am also fearing the impending "polar vortex" we may receive again this winter. Noooooooo

  2. Girl it is SUMMER. For at least two more months (here at least - I'm usually swimming well into October...) and actually, it's kind of the best part! All the tourists leave, the kids are back in school, and the beach is empty (ish). Plus I'm SUPER jealous you got to go to the PGA!! I watched basically all weekend (cue the productivity, right?)

  3. Drunk girls are the best. So helpful, so nice, always complimenting each other. Every now and then, I wonder how all those drunk girls I met during college are.

  4. Love all of these! Especially Harlow eating the popsicle, that picture is classic!

  5. this makes me want to stop everything and go layout. but alas, it's raining in Nashville. did you see my GOOD friend (in that he went to my grade school and brother highschool) Jordan Speith?!

  6. Chicago winters ARE scary! My 2 door sunfire got frozen to the ground one year when it was like -8 outside. Lol!

  7. YEP I'm with you- it's still Summer. Actually, for us in CA, it's still summer until like.... Halloween. ALSO. Your nails in that ice cream photo are on point.


  8. I work at a college and I'm totally in denial that the semester starts tomorrow.

  9. That ice cream photo looks so yummy!!

  10. Seriously every time I passed by the ice cream cone on my feed I got hungrier and hungrier. Also there's an overwhelming feeling of sadness happening right now because pay day is so far away but the need for ice cream is so, so close...

    Ps. That top. HOT.

    Fal || Fal's Gold

  11. All I can say is that I've heard and seen people already wishing for Fall. Like really?! If I could stab you with a look, I would.

  12. I KNOW summer is amongst us when I eat ice cream every day and the pups are in the water!! Looks like a memorable summer for you so far!

    xo, Bev

  13. Wait, what - an event in Wisconsin ran out of beer?!?! That's unheard of! I'm gonna have to have some words with my fellow 'Sconnies to see what the Hell the deal is. Geez! Sorry about that. Ha!

    I do love me some summer but I'm really ready for some fall - soup, hooded sweatshirts, pumpkin flavored everything & football. :)

  14. Digging the braid! How did you do that??