That Time We Went Wedding Dress Shopping

Monday, August 10, 2015

So last Friday I went wedding dress shopping with my mom and sister and something really crazy happened... I didn't hate it. Dare I even say I enjoyed it?

Even though I told myself to have an open mind and play nice, the snarky voice in my head was still rolling its eyes thinking this is going to be so awful, I'll never find anything I like. I was nervous and uncomfortable before we even started, so I took it out on the brunch we ate before.

In hindsight, I wouldn't suggest eating like it's your last meal before you go try on dresses. But live and learn, you know? And damn it, that scramble was good. I'm just glad I didn't get the breakfast burrito like my stomach really wanted because we might have had a Bridesmaids wedding dress scene part II, if you catch my drift.


With a champagne bottle under my arm, a full belly of carbs, and dressed ready to lead Girl Scout Troop #163 circa 1988, we set out to find a wedding dress.

Our first stop was Sarah Seven in Lincoln Park. I don't remember who exactly, but someone commented in one of my last posts that this is where we should start and I owe that person a huge thanks. Sarah Seven was fabulous. So fabulous in fact, it just made me use the word "fabulous" which is something I rarely do. It was intimate and relaxing and the girl who helped me, Lauren, was super sweet and not pushy at all.

I was assuming I'd politely try on a 100 things I didn't like, but instead I tried on one dress after the other and liked every one of them. It was completely unexpected.

My "style" lingers somewhere in between "is that even a wedding dress?" and "I think my grandma wore a similar dress when she got married."

But the final dress I tried on at a boutique downtown was a real wild card. Everything about it was what I initially said I didn't want. But because I was playing the role of "cool appeasing girl" I agreed to try it on.

When I put it on I just knew. I teared up and have never felt like more of a princess in my life. It took my breath away and I actually gasped this is the one! 

And if you think any of that is true, go away. Jk. But seriously. I don't gasp and showing any emotion in public is very uncomfortable for me. Unless it's animal related. And the one thing I said to every stylist who helped me is "please don't bring me anything that would cause someone to say the word 'princess.' Ever. Ever. Ever ever ever."

Truthfully, the last dress I tried on was a real game changer.  But I didn't buy it because I don't like to rush into anything. I'll need to sit on this for at least month weighing out the pros and cons.

So I didn't exactly say yes to the dress, it was more like "yeah, I really like it" to about five dresses.

And to finish off such a weddingy weekend, I made Chris take some engagement pics. He was not a happy camper, but by golly we did it. Our photographer was wonderful and I told him we had about 40 minutes tops to get this done. No outfit changes, no weird staged photos, just us, one and done.

Here's a preview of the shots my mom took on her iphone while she followed us around holding onto crazy Harlow... I'll post the professional ones with raving reviews of our photographer Elias when they're ready.
Initially I said "no gazing, touching, romantic anything" photos, but Elias insisted. And you know what? I don't hate it. I think it's kind of cute.

But of course Harlow enjoyed the shoot more than anyone. He's such a ham.

I can't wait to show you the others. There's one Harlow shot that takes the cake. More to come...

Now let's all get back to the Monday stuff.


  1. I imagine wedding dress shopping is like bathing suit shopping, but even more stressful because it's a dress you'll wear one day and remember for the rest of forever. I get a serious food baby whenever I eat anything, so I'll need to find a dress to either hide that, or not eat dress shopping day or wedding day. The engagement pics = love.

  2. Harlow looks so handsome... And you guys look great, too! Love the skirt you chose!


  3. I love the pics. I hated the engagement shoot portion as well, but I definitely didn't hate the results. Glad you had fun! And yes Chris should def keep the beard for the wedding. I know I made Eric shave his, but Chris's is a statement beard.

  4. Yes!! So glad you went to Sarah Seven! :)

  5. Aww so cute! So excited for you guys (and Harlow, of course)

  6. Yay for dress shopping. Also Those photos are so sweet even in iphone quality!

  7. I love love love the skit you are wearing, perfect for a summer day!
    Harlow taking away your limelight once again;) Can't wait to see more pictures.
    You remind me of myself so you not hating wedding dress shopping all that much actually gives me some kind of hope.

  8. My dress experience was very similar to yours. I tried on exactly 5 dresses...the last one (aka THEE ONE) was nothing like I thought I wanted but it ended up being everything I wanted. Weird? I would say don't think about it and just buy it...which is what I did....but I still look at pictures of it every day and wonder if I made the right choice. DECISIONS ARE HARD.

  9. Where is that cute floral skirt from?!?!?!

  10. These pictures are so cute & obviously your dog is perfection.

  11. These pictures are so cute & obviously your dog is perfection.

  12. I love your engagement photo "previews". You look fab! I also think wedding dress shopping would be hard for me because I like lots of things.

  13. YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE! Now that that's out of the way, so glad you enjoyed shopping for the dress. It's an annoyingly intimidating process.

  14. i did the same thing when wedding dress shopping. honestly, that's smart. because if you do buy it and then you hate it there isn't much you can do, princess. jk, just had to throw that in there. those pics of you and chris (and harlow) are awesome, even just from the iphone. can't wait to see the real thing!!

  15. Gorgeous skirt!
    xoxo -

  16. Love the skirt you are wearing! And the dog is sooo cute :)

    Anne-Sophie | Moonlit Stories

  17. See, told ya that the wedding dress shopping wouldn't be terrible! Ha! I too had a carb filled meal before trying on my dress - Olive Garden. Not a good idea.

  18. I couldn't afford to buy a wedding dress but had three to choose from they were my aunts dresses 3 different aunts and I picked the one that fit the best, my mums dress I didn't have a hope in hell in getting into she was super thin when she got married

  19. I'm a week behind reading this, but I'm so excited for you! Where did you end up finding the one?