Our Story- Chris and Tay

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Champs Tank Top.
It was a long day in T-Shirt Town yesterday. My delivery came at about noon and Har and I were working well until past 2 a.m.

Packing shirts for 12+ hours gets slightly... tedious. After awhile my brain goes numb and I start to get a little delirious. When Chris comes home from work and finds me in a pile of tshirts with a sock around my head and a look of crazy in my eye he'll just look at me and say, "T-Shirt lady back again?"

And I nod and cackle and then pretend Harlow and I are the two old women from Grey Gardens. This terrible snap brought me more joy than it probably should have.

If you haven't seen Grey Gardens go watch the remake starring Drew Barreymore and Jessica Lange. Then please go watch Bill Hader and Fred Armisons remake.

This gif will never stop being funny to me. I plan to do this all weekend.

I'm running on about three hours of sleep and I just can't function, so in honor of the wedding nightmares I've been having almost every night this month (I show up to our wedding and a. no one is there or b. I forgot to buy a dress or c. I'm just confused as hell about everything) for today's post I'm going to share the "our story" I used on our wedding site.

I hope you like it. And if you don't, here's a pic where it looks like Chris is smelling my cheek.

Our Story.

It was junior year of college. Too young for the bars, yet too old for house parties, it only made sense to "settle down."

My sorority sister, Sara, said she knew a guy from Fremont who was single and very cute.

His name was Chris and he was a Fiji, a house known for the very serious bookish type... Jk. Sara planned for us to "accidentally" meet at a social gathering Friday evening.

Upon entering the dingy white house on Orchard street, full of strapping young Fiji gents and loud rap music blaring overhead, my group of Thetas walked down the steep stairs into the musty basement and that's when I saw the handsome stranger in the corner who caught my eye: the silver beer keg. Chris happened to be manning it. I would later learn this was "his move," filling the keg cups for sorority girls like the nice gentlemen he is.

I don't remember our initial banter, but I'm sure it was awkward and embarrassing for any unsuspecting onlookers. What I do know is that Chris said, "you're very sarcastic aren't you?" I responded, "no, not really."

And then sparks flew. Literally. Someone dropped a cigarette near my feet and I had to jump out of the way.

A week later Chris asked me to go to El Potrero with him in the Haymarket for a date. It was my first "real dinner date" and I was nervous. Mexican food is a bold move for a first date. My KAT sorority sisters got me ready and coached me on how to be socially acceptable and not "too sarcastic." I walked out of the house wearing a white shirt that belonged to Kate and a black North Face that belonged to Tyeler. Only the best for El Potrero.

Dinner went good. I was almost comfortable enough to eat my food even. When I came back to the sorority house I told my sisters that "this one is going to last for awhile." In my head I knew I actually meant forever, but I wasn't lame enough to say that out loud, you know?

One date turned into two. Then five. Then ten. And each day only got better. I kept thinking to myself, when will this fun exciting feeling wear off? And when it never did, I knew I'd found a good thing.

It was in November of 2007 after an intense weekend at The Hawk at KU (more specifically the Boom Boom Room, if you've been there then you know) when Chris and I were sitting in his Fiji frat room when he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. He had just smashed an Italian Jimmy Johns sub as he often did back then and his breath smelled like a meat shop, but I hardly noticed. He had just asked me to be his girlfriend and I was ecstatic.

Then he told me he was moving to Spain in a month.

And thus began our five month long distance relationship just one month into dating. Luckily for us, 2008 technology was off the charts and I spent my days sitting in the Union looking like I was an obsessed gamer with my ear phones, microphone, and mini web camera always set up. We spent hours Skyping each other every day. The time difference was challenging, but we made do.

He moved back in May and we picked up right where we left off. Until I moved to Kansas City to become the Iron Chef in July. And so we began a distant relationship for the second time.

The following year Chris took an internship in St. Louis while I remained in Kansas City, now even further apart. By this time, I was tired of being away from him and encouraged him to take a job anywhere. Because as long as I was with him, it didn't matter where we lived!

Until that place was Topeka, Kansas. Turns out that was the one exception. For a brief, dark dark dark, dark dark, dark, dark, dark time in our past, we lived in Topeker a mere two blocks from the Westboro Baptist Church. Every day I would walk by that hate filled church and plot my takeover. When I found myself wanting to hold up my own hate signs in protest of them, I knew it was probably time to leave Peker.

So we moved to Chicago. Sweet sweet Chicago.

We've been here for five years now and have so much fun enjoying this city. I often find myself thinking, how did I get so lucky to get to live in this cool city and constantly get to hang out with this awesome guy next to me- Harlow. Kidding, I mean Chris of course.

Chris makes life fun. He's adventurous, likes to try new things, eat cool places, go to Disneyland on a Monday, and he never gets angry at strangers like I do. And when I catch him kiss Harlow on the forehead when he's sleeping I know I couldn't have possibly found better.

We're both so excited for a weekend in Steamboat with all of our favorite people. We hope you'll join us, and will most likely hold a grudge forever if you don't.

Also, our wedding hashtag is #thehillishaveeyes  (this was all Chris.)


  1. Ah Westboro, if only you had a blog back then. I'm sure those posts would have been super interesting.

  2. I love this post! :) And that wedding hashtag is seriously the greatest!!

  3. I am so happy for you and look forward to all the wonderful crazy moments in this next month... Big deep breath. PS. Chris is absolutely gorgeous. He will make a handsome groom standing next to his stunning beautiful bride.

  4. I am so happy for you and look forward to all the wonderful crazy moments in this next month... Big deep breath. PS. Chris is absolutely gorgeous. He will make a handsome groom standing next to his stunning beautiful bride.

  5. That hashtag wins all of the things today!

  6. So I have to assume you'll have the horror movie series on loop on a projector at your wedding .. right?

  7. YES YES YES. I love this. I love stories like this. i didn't realize y'all met junior year. Fiji is the one that only reads books and would never host an island themed party- right? I love that he picked up on your sarcasm. i think some long distance makes the heart grow fonder. it did for me. Y'all lived near westboro?!?! You guys are the greatest. Can't wait to hashtag the shit out of #thehillishaveeyes.

  8. The hashtag is hilarious! Cannot wait to follow along.

  9. I love a good how you met story . . . so very sweet! Cheers to a lifetime of happiness!

  10. but...but....i already read this when i stalked your wedding website.................

    too much?

  11. I love a good relationship story, so my day officially is made. Love how the two of you met and so excited for you to share forever together! Also, that hashtag? Pure genius.

  12. I love this!! My wedding nightmares consisted of us getting married in the wine isle at super Kroger and not having wedding bands! However, I guess there could be worse places to get married haha!

  13. AWWWWWWWW! I love when you talk about him because I feel like you never do! That was sweet.

  14. Just found your blog, and can I just say...LOVE.IT. I'm pretty sure you are my spirit animal.

  15. Love this! Haha did the exact same thing - figured if I typed up Our Story for a wedding website, I might as well re-purpose for the blog! (http://daysbyday.com/2016/05/06/our-story-four-years/) Can't believe your big day is now just a monthish away - yay!