10 Favorites of Fall

Thursday, October 6, 2016

I'm flying to Kansas City tomorrow afternoon for Sara's wedding and should be packing, or cleaning, or mailing t-shirts, or doing 100 other things you have to do before a quick getaway, and yet I'm not.

Instead the windows are open, a beautiful fall rain is happening, a candle is burning, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. We've been getting a lot of rain lately, (thus the beautiful greenery you see above) and I don't hate it. It makes for a great mix of summer and fall on the sidewalks when walking Har.

I wish I had a great piece of writing to share tonight, but I don't. I'm feeling a little bit lazy and might just ramble instead. That always sounds so appealing.

Girl On The Train. Anyone else dying to see this movie? I read the book and liked it (didn't love it) but I have to say they've done a great job with the movie previews. It has definitely peaked my interest. However in what world is Emily Blunt considered frumpy? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that how the main character was often described?

On the flip side, if you want a silly, weird, wonderful movie to watch this weekend I suggest Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It's one of the best I've seen in awhile.

Currently reading Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty. It's not my favorite of hers, but it's still enjoyable. What Alice Forgot will always be in my top Moriarty reads. I'm looking for another fluffy fun read that makes me feel like I'm on vacay, any suggestions?

Right now I'm living in this fringe sweater. It's so girly and frilly and ridiculous and I love it. It's also cozy AF.

I'm really embracing the outfit mirror selfies this season. You can judge me, I know I am. I guess I just feel so proud of myself I think that I need to share it with the world when I actually get dressed. It's fine, we live in a funny world right now.

And since I'm talking about fashion, I suppose these flats are worth mentioning since they're only $19 from TARGET.

Coming from someone with very big and very wide feet, these are actually comfortable and don't make me feel like I have clown shoes on. I've strayed from this style just because I haven't found a pair that fits my caveman feet without looking ridiculous, but for $19 these aren't half bad! Sadly I know Target flats don't last, so I may have to upgrade to these.

And similar jeans found here. Yes, I'm to the point where almost every pair of denim I own right now is covered in holes. Hey, you're only sixteen once, right?

I always buy a new pair of booties during the fall that I will wear on repeat until they're so bad they have to be tossed. I don't mess around with booties, they have to be ones I can wear day in and day out. So this year I found these and I've never been so excited to get a pair of shoes in the mail. I do so much walking in Chicago I wear my shoes hard and won't buy anything that's uncomfortable or won't last (thus why I never buy/wear heels. No one has time for heels.)

I bought these two years ago, brought them to Europe with me TWICE, and they're still holding up (they're rough, but holding on for dear life.) Sam Edelmans always seem to last for me.

I'm hoping that by time winter really arrives in Chicago this sweater is on sale because it looks amazingly soft and wonderful and the kind of thing I would wear every single day in January when 100 layers are necessary. But until I can afford that, I'll just keep ordering this one in every color because I have the worn the two I already own almost every other day.

And now it's time to pack. I'm bringing two dresses because I always need options (amount of food eaten at brunch is always a factor.) We've got this wrap dress, or this cold shoulder midi. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Grandma vibes or young twenty year old vibes?

So stressful.

Last but certainly NOT least. Helene and I have teamed up to create a fun new fall hashtag called.... DAILYFALLBETWEEN.

Get it? Get it? It's our blog names plus the word FALL. Hope you love it.

That's it for now. Follow along as I have wedding fun this weekend on Instagram @thedailytay. And for the regrettable stuff follow on snap @thedailytay, but know that anything I post Friday/Saturday nights almost always gets deleted early the next morning.... K bye! Have a great weekend.

See you soon, Kansas City!


  1. I'm looking forward to the new Girl on the Train film. I didn't think Rachel in the book is meant to be unattractive, just sort of plain and ordinary? It looks like they have made Emily Blunt more normal looking without make up etc. Love your new shoes.

  2. A great vacation read: anything by Taylor Jenkins Reid (bonus points in your case because you share a first name ;)). I especially loved One True Loves. One Plus One by Jo Jo Moyes is also excellent. Or The Royal We if you haven't read that one yet. What Alice Forgot is my favourite by Moriarty, but Big Little Lies was a close second.
    Have an awesome weekend! Love the hashtag and will keep it in mind!!

  3. I feel the same way about The Girl on the Train...the book was good but not my favorite, but I think the movie is going to be aaahhhmazing.

  4. Yes, need to see Girl on the Train! And yeah - love how in Hollywood Emily Blunt is considered frumpy. Sweet.

    I'm also loving your style lately, girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl -- those leopard flats have had my eye ever since you posted them and the only thing holding me back from ordering is the fact that I have leopard sneaks, leopard wedges anddddd leopard booties. It might be too much. It's very hard for me to say that.

  5. I honestly loved your blog in the past. I hope you go back to it. I understand you need to make money and are busy, but are we just supposed to follow for basic affiliate links? It's not funny anymore. But, you are! I know you can be a fun read again!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. The Girl On the Train was good but it reminded me of Gone Girl and I liked Gone Girl a whole lot more. I loved Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty but haven't read What Alice Forgot yet! Gotta get them on my to-read list.

    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

  8. I watched Wilderpeople last week and I loved it! Cute, sad, quirky, and funny - all of the necessary ingredients for a great movie.


  9. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell-she's a writer from Omaha. It's a great book. Her book Attachments is awesome too!

  10. I couldn't get into what Alice forgot. Should I try again? I'm on the waiting list for truly madly guilty. big little lies is my favorite of hers and also one of my favorite books.

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