25 Facts About Me You Might Not Know

Thursday, April 27, 2017

After yesterday's post I think we need to lighten things up around here. So I'm going to share 25 random ass facts about me. Some you may know, others maybe not?! Let's jump in!

First things first, when I wore this dress last year the strap broke and unannounced to me, I rode down Michigan Avenue seated behind Chris on our scooter whilst freeing the nipple. Don't believe me? Read about it here.

I played with Barbies until I was far too old. Like teenager-old. When someone would walk into my room during the midst of a good play session I'd quickly throw them under the bed, or act like I was "practicing doing hair" on them.

Speaking of dolls, I was always a little afraid of my bigger baby dolls. So I made sure to check in with each and every one of them for at least a moment or two every day, (just a casual "Hey, how's it goin?" "Is that a new dress?") Just in case... just in case they really did come alive at night.

I was a big fan of the Goosebump series and Are You Afraid of the Dark.

However, I refuse to watch real scary movies. I saw The Sixth Sense for the first time last week and I'm still not sleeping great.

I believe in ghosts.

I also believed in Santa Claus until I was 14.

I've always had a strong imagination (are you gathering that yet?) My favorite summer was in '94 when my dad cut down a huge tree in our backyard and it became my very own pirate ship! Ah, such good memories.

One of my favorite movies is The Way Way Back. I've watched it three times this week.

Best advice I've ever gotten from my parents was:

My dad- "It'll all work itself out."
My mom- "Always paint your toenails before a road trip."

My dream job is to live the life of a recluse writer. I have this fairytale in my head where I live by water, but also have a lot of land (so my 500 dogs can roam free) and I only "go into town" about twice a month. And even then it's because Chris insists on it and is like, "Tay, you haven't left the house in weeks, don't you think you should go out and see people?"

But I don't care! Because I have 100000s of dogs to talk to every day. But I'll go in for Chris's sake because I know it's important to him.

Chris was my first boyfriend! And after our first date I knew we'd probably get married. "Not for like ten years though," I told my college roomies, "but eventually."

I consider moving to Chicago one of the best decisions of my life (second only to saying yes to go on a date with Chris.)

I know this statement ^^ seems weird given what I just said about wanting to be a recluse, but right now we're in our "city stage." The recluse stage won't come for another 10 or so years.

I've been blogging for nearly 9 years. Which in blog time is actually 109.

I pierced my lip with a fish hook when I was three. I thought the worm was a gummy worm and I just couldn't keep myself away.

I pierced my nose with a safety pin when I was 15. I watched Parent Trap in preparation. (I re-pierced my nose when I was 26.... not with a safety pin because I'm an ADULT now and do body piercings correctly.)

I need at least 9-11 of sleep to function properly. I'm one of "those people" who fall asleep the minute my head hit the pillow.

To this day, my closet at my parents house is covered in Delias and Limited Too magazine clippings. It also says "Paris Taylor" all over it, as that was what I liked to be called for a brief time in the early 2000s.

The first joke I remember writing was in middle school. It was a social studies assignment and we were supposed to draw a "political cartoon." Mine was apparently "too dark" and the teacher threatened to call my parents and made me resubmit.

(I still think it's a good joke.)

I've stopped doing standup and I miss it, but I also don't. The nighttime comedy club hopping just isn't for me.

However I'll never stop "doing comedy," (whatever that means.)

The "religious apocalypse" of 5.21.11 as predicted by crazy minister Harold Camping scared the shit out of me. I'll never forget the relief of waking up on 5/22 and still being alive!

I'd like to say I've stopped believing in all that weird shit since, but..... But.

And now I'm about to wrap this up because I'm under the weather today and I need to go make another cup full of Emergen-C. Ugh, that stuff is the worst. Do you have a good cold remedy? If so, please share.

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. OMG...someone else who has not only seen The Way Way Back, but also loves it. Such a great movie. And can we talk about Sam Rockwell? Oooh-wee he's gorgeous.

    1. yess! i love that entire cast! Alison Janney can do no wrong.

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  2. Omg, I believed in Santa Claus until I was 12 - and it was only because my parents TOLD me they had been lying to me. I always believed whatever my parents said and I guess my Dad decided it was time to give me a reality check...

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. ALL ABOUT goosebumps and are you afraid of the dark!!! I hate scary movies but will watch Ghost Hunters and Haunted with the lights on! Bahahaha! Ghosts are for real, but I like to think they're more like Casper and not mean.

  4. Omg dolls can be so freaky though! Hope you feel better - I swear by homemade chicken soup (just get some bone-in chicken, celery, carrots, and a bay leaf, cover with water) and you're on your way to penicillin.) Or maybe you can get some from a Polish store?


  5. I believed in Santa until the same age...hahaha! Hot toddy for the win to cure your cold!

  6. I pretty much still believe in Santa Claus. I mean, I know he's not real but it's just more fun to play along! Hope you feel better!

  7. Living a reclusive life would be the best! My husband agrees and says, "as long as we have wi-fi". The convenience of living in town is nice, but.....people. Lol:)

  8. Glad I'm not the only one who went through a name calling phase. My 13th birthday cake said "happy birthday Lola!" And I wore hair extensions I bought at Claire's. ��

  9. I was so scared by life size baby dolls that I had enough panic attacks to make my mom toss out my sister's favorite childhood doll. I don't feel bad, I'm sure it was possessed

  10. How can you allude to this dark joke and not share??!

  11. I also believe in ghosts and this house in haunted I have no doubt of that, life is good and I am happy and in pain but alive so life is good

  12. Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark were my favorites too. I still love them!

  13. I can't even watch the PREVIEWS for scary movies. And I sleep with a nightlight. I'm almost 30, nbd....