Harlow's Online Dating Profile

Thursday, April 13, 2017

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BarkBox for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Name: Harlow Wentworth Jimmer Hillis Wolfe.

Age: Appears to be a puppy at the park, but an old man when it's bedtime.

Favorite quote: Carpe squirrels!

Interests include: Barking at anyone or anything "questionable" he sees from the front window. This can include: any person making a delivery, cats, bags blowing in the wind, the neighbor dog, a stray leaf, or any person he gets a bad vibe from.

Loves: the dog park, dog beach, cheese sticks, and BarkBox delivery day.

What annoys him: When his mom won't open his BarkBox fast enough (for real, he goes nuts.) Every BarkBox comes with 2 bags of treats (all natural), 1 chew, and 2 toys, and Harlow has no time to waste in figuring out what he was sent. The moment the BarkBox is brought inside he starts running circles around it.

What he's looking for in another dog: Someone who is willing to share their toys and treats, more specifically Bully sticks and Pretzel shaped toys.

A perfect date would include: Going to another dog's house and eating their treats and dog food, and also destroying their toys. So ideally, he's looking for a dog who is already a member of BarkBox's #destroyerclub

Last things you should know: Harlow is very sweet and loving, but gets frustrated easily with other dogs because he's also a diva who prefers to have ALL the attention on him. However, he can put his annoyance aside if you surprise him with a BarkBox. Bonus points if you choose to upgrade to the "extra toy" club option.

BarkBox details: It's a monthly subscription for dogs of all sizes (big Harlows and teeny tiny Harlows.)  It's billed monthly and each plan is automatically renewed. A monthly plan is $29 (makes a great gift for any friends with pups-and don't forget you can cancel at anytime!) A 6-month commitment plan is $25 and a 12-month commitment plan is $21.

Your first box is shipped right away so you'll have it on your doorstep within days of ordering it! If you want to make your dog's day (and your own, because seeing their reaction is priceless) I highly suggest you give BarkBox a try.

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  1. Because of BarkBox, Nelson thinks every.single.delivery is for him. We can't even say "BarkBox" without him going and sitting at the front door!

  2. I'm not usually into the subscription box craze, but you definitely grabbed my attention at #destroyerclub. I may have to reconsider!

  3. Harlow sounds exactly like one of my dogs: a damn lovable semi-troublemaker queen.

    Allie | www.lunavidablog.com

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  5. This is hilarious! Another reason I love your blog. Keep it real girl!