Lazy Girl's Guide To Sprucing Up Furniture

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What to do with the space next to our living room ... Another sitting area, or a dining room? Just another tough decision in the world of being an adult.

I can imagine myself as a kid being asked this and my response would most definitely be, WHO CARES? LET'S GO PLAY.

Unfortunately I am no longer a kid, so I do care now. I care a lot.

I simply don't work well when our house is out of order, it's messes with my energy. I know that sounds weird but it does. So today my mission is to get our house set correctly, or at the very least, better than it is now.

Let's take a look at what I'm facing, shall we? Example 1: sitting room before.

Example 2: sitting room becomes dining room. ish.

Use your imagination here. (I took this pic a second ago and obviously didn't clean up anything.)

We need a more colorful rug. Recover the chairs. Add another navy chair so it's two and two. Different wall decor. Cool place settings. Cool stuff in the hutch. Cool light fixture. Basically more cool everything.

My mom purchased this mid century table and hutch for us as a Christmas gift and we love the pieces, but it needed a little sprucing up. And so I discovered Danish Oil, which is a miracle worker!

Left side shows the Danish oil, right side does not. Right side also shows my phone shadow as I'm clearly a professional furniture photographer.

Danish Oil is like the lazy girl's guide to refinishing furniture. Here's how you use it:

1. Dust/Clean furniture.
2. Pour oil on rag.
3. Wipe rag on furniture.
4. Repeat.

Some people were blessed with the DIY gene. I was not. The furthest I go with my crafting skills is using puffy paint on photo frames and then pouring glitter all over the top. I painted a dresser once and five years later every single drawer is still stuck shut. It's just not my thing.

All that said, I think my strongest decor skill is that I'm not tied to anything. If I get this room completely done and realize it doesn't work, well then we start over. It's annoying, but trial and error is the only way I get things to work around here.

So my question is... do we keep a sitting room - I'll update the white swirl chairs, possibly with these Phoebe chairs that I think are really fun.

I love our clover coffee table (seen in pic two) but it disappears where it is now, so I'm already planning to move it into our main living room (as seen below, I put it there just to "stage a pic" as bloggers say, because I'm fancy like that.) But now it will be moved for good.

PS- just saw it's on sale for only $209 now. The piece is even better in person!

Or... Or do I go all in with a mid century inspired dining room?

Pics are blurry because I grabbed them straight from Pinterest, I can't figure out how to source them as they all came from a board named "The High Boy." So if they're yours, let me know and I'll add the proper tag.

Decisions. Decisions.

I'm off to see what I can find. First stop will probably be Home Goods. Then Cb2 to day dream about these beauties. And I'll end with a stop a stop at West Elm.

Dining room or sitting room.... WHAT DO YOU THINK?


  1. I would vote dining room! just due to it being a more functional space...seems like sitting rooms rarely get used for anything other than looking pretty. But that's my practical side talking...

  2. dining room.... first picture for sure... AND GO!!

  3. Dining. You can always sit at the table and make it a "sitting room" as necessary :

  4. I like the dining room idea if you have the self discipline to not clutter the table with "stuff." If it will become another surface to clean it might not be the best idea. I have a kitchen table, a formal dining table and a huge kitchen island and I dont think any of them are clear of crap at the same time. It drives me nutso.

  5. Dining Room!! Love love the mid century look!

  6. Looks good and anything that takes some of the hard work out of tasks is a good thing

  7. I like the sitting room but that hutch must be displayed, it's beautiful & after you used that oil on it - WOW! I cannot wait to see what you come up with. I've been watching the whole thing on Instagram as well. :)

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  9. I love the new additions that your parents got you! Where did you get the sectional from? We are building a house and want a section like that with the mid-century flair. We are looking at one at West Elm right now. How have you liked how yours has held up?

  10. Where did you find the framed picture above your couch? I think its an ox? :)