Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Need a Vacation

A photo from last night's show at Zanies. Some of you may know the pretty girl on my left as B Love from Norfolk. I know her as the first and only person to have ever gotten a photo with the Olsen twins. I don't know how she did it, but back in the early 90s she managed to snag a photo with the famous twins. The photo was then reprinted in the Norfolk Daily Newspaper, because hello when a girl from Norfolk, Nebraska gets a photo with Michelle Tanner that shit makes the news. I cut that photo out (like any weird little girl would) and it hung on my wall in my closet for years.

I only took it down because it got yellow and worn and it started to seem inappropriate for a twenty year old adult to have a creepy old newspaper clipping of three young girls hanging in her closet...

So that's the story on that.

Zanies was a great time as always. I just love that venue, if you're ever in Chicago you should check out a show there. I even managed to record my set last night, so someday if I'm feeling brave I'll upload it to Youtube...

Anyway, today I've spent my time trying to write new material for New York and trying to pack and have everything ready before my show tonight at iO because we fly out tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m.! I seriously can't wait to see those of you that are coming to my shows on Wednesday and Thursday, that means the world to me!

The only downside to this crazy fun week I'm about to endure is that I have to say good-bye to Harlow for a few days. And yes, I have serious separation anxiety about leaving him. I'm going to have to hide all of my shoes while he's gone or I'll start chewing them. Luckily he's staying with the queen and king of comedy here in Chicago, also known as Claire and Alan, so I know he's in really good hands. You guys may know them as the famous couple from Twitter @wefoughtabout. I'm nervous to follow them while I'm gone in case Harlow is a reason for a few of their fights... But check them out on Twitter, they're hilarious.

All that being said, when I return next week I'm going to want a good vacation. Where would my dream vacation be you might ask? At this moment I'm craving a beach, a fruity drink, and zero connection with the outside world. And a big comfortable bed where I can sleep for days. Can someone please make that happen? Cool, thanks.

Tomorrow's prompt: Pet Peeves. This one will be fun. Link up below!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is failure. It always has been and it always will be.

And because I like to torture myself, I think it's fun to present myself with new ways to fail all the time. Like for instance this comedy festival I'm heading to on Wednesday. I just now checked out the official rules of the competition to see what it's it all about (I knew the gist, but was sparing myself the details for anxiety reasons) and I learned that after round one of competition only 24 comedians get to move on to the next round.

In round two every comedian has to do two new sets of all new material. Round three it gets cut to 12 and one five minute set.

Only six move onto the finals and one ten minute set.

And it has to be new material every night. And the lump in my throat just got even bigger.

I grew up being a crazy competitive kid and have honestly competed in almost every sport possible at some point in my life: track, basketball, golf, swimming, dance, soccer, softball, volleyball... blah blah the list goes on, you get what I'm saying here.

But I never thought I would find myself in my late twenties competing in a festival of telling jokes. Getting on stage, grabbing a mic, and then doing my best to make the people laugh. How weird is that? It's weird. It's so weird. I can't even describe to you how nervous I am simply typing this.

And yet also how excited it makes me. That ten year old asshole inside of me is screaming yes, you're finally being competitive again, finally! I suddenly want to break out my old converse sneakers and my gold #22 chain necklace and do my athlete strut. That strut when you just get off the bus from a long ride to Grand Island and know damn well when you walk into their gym you're going to beat them and so you're feeling pretty confident in your sweet Adidas travel-suit with your headphones in and gold chain necklace on, that strut.

*Fun fact: I used to listen to Bone Thugs on repeat before every game, Thuggish Ruggish was one of my favs. 

Thug-Tay was so hardcore it hurt. I need some of that unwarranted confidence back in my life this week. Like my favorite child muscle-tanks always said, no fear. No fear allowed ever.

This week is going to be nutty. Send your good-luck positive vibes my way if you wouldn't mind, I'm going to need them.

What's your biggest fear? Tomorrow's prompt: My Favorite Vacation...

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

What Makes Me Happy...

Day 19... a few things that make me happy.

GBR sweatshirt found here. 

All of the above.

It's safe to say this October has been one of the busiest months of my life to date and it's not about to slow down (yet...) I'm performing at Zanies tomorrow, hosting at iO right after, another show at iO on Tuesday night, and then flying to New York Wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m. for more shows.

Being busy makes me happy. And tired. Really really tired.

And also a little bit chunky... We've had friends and family staying with us for almost ten days now (with a few breaks in between) and that means I've been eating like I'm on vacation for almost ten days now. Perhaps it's all the Bloody Marys and pizza that is making me tired, as well? That makes sense.

Anyway, hope you had a great weekend!

I'm going to start packing for New York! Speaking of, if you're familiar with NYC I'd love any suggestions of places to go eat/drink/see. Anything low key/off the beaten path is right up my alley.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 17.... The bangs.

Saturday posts are hard.

Saturday posts after a long night spent at Kirkwoods with the entire state of Nebraska in town are even harder.

My secret today is that I didn't prepare a post... And I'm sitting here double fisting a cup of coffee and a tall Bloody Mary wondering how I'm going to pull myself together to go tailgate all day in the rainy cold Chicago temps that are currently going on.

So instead of a post, let's look at a series of photos from last night.

I'm about to take a photo with Tye when my mom kindly informs me, "your bangs are not right."

I get pissed, naturally. And I try to defend my curtain bangs.

My mom attempts to fix my bangs.

Tyeler tries to look at them and tell me if they're okay.

She laughs like the evil menace she is.

And then we take the photo.

And my nickname is officially "Broom." The bang struggle is real, you guys. It's so real.

I look like Blossom in this photo. Ugh.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Trust Me, I'm An Expert

I'm an expert at...

Taking photos of dogs. And leaves. And dogs in leaves.

And posting said photos on Instagram.

Picking my nails. I'm like really good, been doing it for years.

Wasting time and putting things off.

Finding the best Cool Ranch Dorito in the bag. You gotta look, but it's always there in all its ranch speckled glory.

Facebook creeping. I always get to the bottom of things.

Day dreaming. If I worked as hard as I day dream I'd probably be a ruler of a small country by now.

Shoving things in small spaces. Just be careful when you open any door/cabinet in my apartment.

Accidentally pouring milk crusties into my coffee. Noooooooooo.

Judging the "popular posts" on Bloglovin that almost always look the same to me. I get it, you look like a model and clothes look nice on you.

Taking compliments from homeless people. Yesterday a seventy-year-old with no teeth called me "hot stuff." I'm still riding that high.

Eating beans. All day, every day.

Avoiding voicemails.

Road rage. It's bad, I've said things I'm not proud of.

Knowing all the lyrics to Shoop by Salt N Pepa.

Choosing the wrong line at the airport.

Going into the one stall without toilet paper.

Finding the table at the restaurant that is painfully wobbly.

Saying every line out loud in Love & Basketball.

And people love when you say movie lines out loud, it's not annoying at all. Trust me on this one, I'm an expert.

And on that note, I'm off to get my weekend started. The entire state of Nebraska is traveling to Chicago this weekend to watch the Huskers play Northwestern tomorrow, so it's going to be a good one. Last time the Huskers occupied Chicago this post happened.

Hope your weekend is great as well!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I Dig

I've always been told that I can "pull off hats well" or that I "have a head for hats." Don't most people, I wonder? Are there really people out there struggling to "pull off a hat?" That's so sad.

Although I've come to realize being told you have a nice head for hats is just a polite way of saying, "you're kinda cute, but you look cuter when we can't see half your face."

It's whatever. I embrace my hat face.

*purse can be found in my mom's closet. not mine.

Thus the reason I have been living in floppy hats all season long. I put one on every day and make no apologies for it. Besides the fact it's been raining in Chicago almost every day this week, I also think they make every plain outfit look just a little more stylish. Or maybe that's just my hat fetish talking.

They also help to cover up my bangers, which are in full blown theater curtain mode right now. I'm hoping they'll grow by next week when I head to New York...

The other fall fashion I'm all about right now are chunky booties. Like super chunky. I just got these Hope booties from BeachMint and I absolutely love them. They're super comfortable (and I have very wide feet) and look great with almost anything.

Let's take a closer look at that heel and sassy inside zipper.

I don't know what it is about these booties, but they make me feel much cooler than I am. When I wear them I feel like I could hang out in Wicker Park and talk about feminism and cats and what my favorite vegan dishes are. Amazing what a new pair of shoes can do, am I right? Right.

So we've got floppy hats, chunky booties, and the last thing I'm living in is my leather jacket. (Have been for the past ten years now to be honest.)

*fake smile courtesy of alcohol.

My style is about as basic as it gets. I feel like every shirt in my closet is just slightly different than the next. And all I ever want to buy are more fancy sweatshirts and more black jeans. It is what it is.

What are you favorite fall staples? Link up below.
Tomorrow's prompt: I'm An Expert At... (this one will be way too fun for me.) View all prompts here.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Words To Live By

These are words I live by. I'm a big old believer in the power of positive thinking.

But I haven't always been. In high school I remember actually saying out loud a few times, it's better to just expect the worst because if it happens it doesn't suck as bad. And by "the worst" I probably meant like not getting a call from a boy that night or having to stay at home yet again because I wasn't in the know on where the parties were happening. You know, "the worsttttttt."

That boo who girl from high school drives me nuts for two reasons. A. no one likes to hang around Debbie Downer. Positive attitudes are infectious, so are negative attitudes. I'm not saying you have to pretend to be happy all the time, God knows I'm not, I'm just saying you don't always have to be the person saying no.

And B. (now this is where I get a little hippy dippy) I truly believe there's something to thinking and believing good things will come your way, than in turn brings good things your way. The Universe is not against you, it's rooting for you.

I could talk about this stuff for days. DAYS I tell you. It just really gets me going and I know firsthand my life has gotten significantly better since I decided to see the glass half full rather than half empty.

But I'll spare you the energy talk today because I know it's not everyone's deal. However if it is your deal, I suggest reading books like The Secret (duh), The Power, The Alchemist, The Power of Positive Thinking, Write It Down Make It Happen, Daily Affirmations ... or anything similar.

And at the very least simply reading a book about thinking positive makes you feel better, so it's not like you have anything to lose.

What words do you live by?

Tomorrow's prompt: Fall Fashion! ohh la la!
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