25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Sunday, April 21, 2013

1. I'm not good at editing photos,
although I assume by the image above you have already figured this one out.

2. I'm pretty much an open book, so a more fitting title would probably be
"25 Things You Might Already Know About Me."

3. I'm not actually a "multi-talented mom of two" as stated above.
I'm a semi talented(ish) dog-mom of one.

4. I've never had a broken bone, but I do have a marble sized bone-spur directly below my right knee
from an old scooter accident.
It swells when I run, or when it's about to rain.

5. I eat at least one bowl of cereal a day. Sometimes it can be up to three or four.

6. I love Hannah Nefler and admire her ability to rock a side-pony like it's nobodies business.

7. I was an extra in the movie "Anger Management."
I got Adam Sandler's autograph, he called me "Nebraska." I called him "Mr. Sandler."

8. I once got a flat tire twice on the way back to my parents house.
I hitchhiked and got a ride from a really nice semi-driver who ended up fixing everything for me,
free of charge.

9.  Last summer I stole a copper mug from a restaurant,
but then I felt so guilty about it I sent it back one week later.

10. If I could meet one celebrity right now it would be Judd Apatow.

11. When I was younger, I wanted so badly to have a room exactly like the ones from the Limited Too magazine.
This is as close as I got, which let's be honest is pretty damn cool.

12. In college, my sorority gave out a "Sally Sunshine" award every single week.
Yet in all of my four years, I never won it.

13. I absolutely love miniature sized items.
So yes, the travel aisle in Target makes me gitty with joy.

14. I refuse to watch scary movies.
I slept with a cross under my pillow for two years just because the Blair Witch Project
previews scared me so bad.
It was fake, right?

15. In elementary, I had to attend speech classes because I apparently had a "lisp."
I thought I had gotten over this, but last weekend when I tried stand-up each time I heard myself
speak over the mic all I could hear was
Sally sells seashells down by the seashore. Thally thells theathells down by the theathore.

16. I got my first "acting gig" doing radio commercials as a little kid.
Although once the commercials were released I was never asked back.
See #15.

17. I can quote Love & Basketball from start to finish.

18. After seeing Parent Trap, I developed a deep obsession with summer camp.
So one summer my parents shipped me off to horse riding camp.

Unfortunately, it rained the entire week so I never actually got to ride "Cactus."
As you can see I was pretty upset about it.

19. In a three year span when I was growing up I had two cysts that grew in my chin,
and a tumor in my toe.
And then I stopped eating fertilizer and all was good.

20. I love Family Guy. The more offensive the episodes the better.

21. Last night I watched Life of Pi.
I loved every second of it right up until the end.
I feel so cheated.

22. I used to write #22 all over everything back in the day- my arms, my shoes, my shirts,
I even had a gold #22 necklace.
-Tay 22

23. I'm a dreamer, almost to a fault.

24. At post prom my junior year of high school I won about $175 in Burger King bucks,
so for the next few months I would order a Whopper and value size fry
for lunch every. single. day.
Thinking about that today makes me disgusted/a little bit envious.

25.  This list has taken me way too long.
Never again.



  1. Beverly Hills, what a thrill. Love that movie.
    "Badges? We don't need no stinkin badges!"

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! first post of yours I have read and you have definitely gained a new loyal follower!

    Sincerely Lo

  3. Giirrrrllll I LOVE travel size anything. And tar-jay has the best travel section!

  4. I always wanted to go to summer camp too! Between The Parent Trap and The Babysitter's Club books it seemed like it was everywhere in the 90s. Never got to go, which is just as well because I don't think it would've been a pretty sight.

  5. Travel aisle is the best! I love little products, but then I also can try out things too. (they have gotten some pretty cool stuff there lately!)

  6. I was also obsessed with the idea of summer camp after I saw The Parent Trap except I was the weirdo that went to llama camp instead of horse camp. Sorry you weren't ever able to ride Catus ):

  7. I absolutely HATED summer camp.

    There were ticks and ever night we had to check each other over before we went to bed with a flashlight looking for ticks.

    The "lake" if you can call it that was full of some kind of green slime that would stick to your body and even get underneath your swimsuit so when you came out you looked like The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

    80% of the camp had diarrhea. The bathrooms were located a quarter of a mile from our cabin. We had to run there on a gravel road in the dark and there was never any toilet paper. People were hoarding the toilet paper in their bunks.

    It rained almost all the time and while coming back from a hike one day we decided to all run down the hill. That was until the 4 people below me just disappeared. There was a 7 ft drop at the end of the hill. One of the girls that had disappeared before me was laying there screaming with a huge bone sticking out of the side of her leg. She had broken her leg.

    I wrote my parents every single day crying asking to come home.

    First and last time I ever went to camp.

    I think I'm still scarred from the experience.

    So cool about being an extra : )


  8. So cool that you met Adam Sandler. I love that you hated camp because I wasn't a camp person either!

    Happy Sunday night!

  9. Hahah this is one of my favorite posts of yours BY FAR. That Parent Trap movie really screwed me, by the way. I loved Lindsay Lohan all the way until she caught herself into a coke induced shoplifting coma. God. My heart is still broken.



  10. My sister is seriously scared for life from watching the Blair Witch Project. I haven't watched it yet but I really want to, or really don't.

  11. This cracked me up. I just about died when you talked about the Blair Witch Project and when you stole the copper mug.

  12. I was just thinking the other day about how much junk food/ fast food I used to eat as a teenager. During college I ate "cheesy gordita crunch tacos" pretty much every day from Taco Bell and weighed 100 lbs. Now I can't even look at one or my thighs expand. Sigh!

  13. oh my word who DIDN'T want a room from Limited Too!? All those bright colors and butterflies? Love this list, and you're not alone on the scary movie train - the previews from that horrible movie "Evil Dead" are still giving me nightmares.

  14. Love & Basketball is such a great movie! Gets me every. single. time.

    And as for Life of Pi, I loved it! I was surprised how much I liked it. I am now hoping to read the book soon:)

  15. whahaha!
    Really? You were a extra in Anger Management?
    Now I want to go watch it again just so that I can spot you!!!

  16. Who DIDN'T want a bedroom from the Limited Too magazine? Seriously.

  17. I love that you felt guilty about the copper mug. I steal pint glasses from bars on the reg. I have a huge collection... So clearly I am a huge a hole.
    10 year old Maggie is super jealous of your bedroom. Scratch that, current Maggie is jealous too.

  18. I absolutely love your teenage room. Teenage me would have been very, very jealous and probably always wanted to hang out at your house instead of mine because mine wasn't nearly as cool.

  19. These are fun! The fact that you sent the mug back makes me laugh. I stole a map (of my home state) from the grocery store once. I was maybe 7 and they were right next to the door, I thought they were free.

  20. #1. i like you more now
    #2. so, you're famous?
    #3. life of pi. loved it, and then what?! i refuse to think about the end and focus on the middle
    #4. i think you and i would have been friends as children
    #5...end of list

  21. Hahaha I loved reading these! My takeaway points are that you're probably my closest connection to fame right now (I mean... Adam Sandler doesn't give everyone a nickname, I'd assume!) and that I went to summer camp also, but I think I loved my horse Spot more than Spot ever loved me (if at all)... sadness.

    Perpetually Caroline's Birthday Giveaway!


  22. I also watched Life of Pi last night and also feel cheated. What the heck?!

  23. haha I love this! I loved summer camps, & I dont know how you ate Burger King every day = gross!!

    Happy Monday!


  24. I never got to 'design' my own room growing up. My mom always decided on the theme. One year I had framed Anne Gedes pictures all over one wall that we found at a garage sale. A few years later it was a sunflower theme. We had sunflower border halfway up the wall and below we took a feather duster, dipped in paint, and texturized the wall. Did I mention I had sunflower bedding on my WATERBED? True story.

  25. I wish I could do more with my photos but I am improveing, I also love miniature sized items and hate scary movies........

  26. Stopped eating fertilizer!! HA! I spit my wine out everywhere while reading that!

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  30. As a kid "Love and Basketball" was my go to movie! Epic!!

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