Really?!? I got to meet Aidy Bryant from SNL, really.

Friday, July 19, 2013

So yesterday I had the honor to sip pretend wine (Motts For Tots grape juice to be exact) while I moved my lips and had a silent conversation with my pretend date. It was a ball, let me tell ya. And to be quite honest, fake talking is actually pretty hard I discovered. The director suggested we just move our lips while silently repeating "watermelon" "make lots of noise" and "olive juice." Try it. Apparently those are the top phrases for fake talking.

The project is actually a mini series for The Second City network. The stars of it happened to be Aidy Bryant of SNL, John Hartman of pretty much everything funny in the city of Chicago, and T.J. Jagodowski, who is just one of the best improvisers ever. You know those Sonic commercials with the two guys? T.J. is one of those dudes. He's pretty much a God in the improv world.  

The guy with his mouth open, that would be T. J.

Here I am with Aidy and John. I'm not going to pretend I wasn't a total fangirl around Aidy, mostly because she's a gal who studied at the Second City and is currently living out my dream. And because she is insanely funny and incredibly sweet. I had such a hard time keeping a straight face during shooting because each time she said her lines it was something different and hilarious. I'm kind of really obsessed with her and want to just sit down with her and listen to her talk for hours. Does that sound creepy? I hope not. I just can't believe she's only twenty six and already has one year of SNL under her belt, that's pretty incredible. And she's just so damn funny. 

As for the "fancy hipster" attire, I'm pretty sure I bombed. I wore the dress you see above with wedges and then to try to make it "more hip" I threw a chambray shirt on top of it. Major fail. Major. All in all though, it was a pretty cool thing to be a part of. All of the other extras were fellow comedians and improvisers, so it was a pretty entertaining group to say the least. 

In other news, let's recap the top stories from the week with another edition of Really?!? 

featuring me, not Seth and Amy.

First off, I have to start with this cover. Really Rolling Stone, really?
At first glance this guy looks like a rock star, because that's who Rolling Stone traditionally puts on their covers, ROCK STARS. I don't care what their article is about, they are completely romanticizing this situation by having a cover like that. It might as well be Jim Morrison up there. Way to get all the creeps excited in the world, Rolling Stone. Maybe if they can do something even worse than this kid, they'll land your cover, as well. Well done, RS, well done. Really.

I need to lighten it up a bit because I kind of just went on tangent there, I just hate the way the media makes murders into celebrities like they do. 

Let's talk about the little guy blowing up all over my newsfeed right now, a kid named Jack. Team Jack to be specific, really.

Jack Hoffman is a courageous little boy from Nebraska who just won an Espy for "best moment" in sports. And it was really awesome. If you're not familiar with this story, check it out, including the clip of the run that gained him this award. It's pretty much the coolest thing ever. After Jack's trip to the Espy's he's been all over Facebook posing with people like John Hamm, Dwayne Wade, and even that famous girl just famous for being a pretty face in the crowd. Remember her? I didn't either. But Jack looked pretty cute posing next to her regardless. Go Team Jack!

Time to switch gears again. Let's move on to Skechers and the fact that people are now demanding they get their money back from their Shape-Ups due to the fact simply wearing the shoe didn't actually make them shape-up, as promised. Really? People are really surprised that simply wearing shoes didn't make them lose weight? What next? Can I get mad that wearing my yoga pants doesn't actually make me do yoga? I put them on everyday by golly, but that yoga exercise just isn't happening. Shame on you, Skechers. I suppose you're going to tell me that me Kim Kardashian doesn't actually wear them, either? Really?

If I were one of these people, I wouldn't want my money back. I'd want the past back to ensure no one had ever actually seen me wear these shoes.

Next up, did you guys hear about the Asiana Airline plane that went down earlier this week in San Fran? There were a few fatalities and that is always horrific to hear, but have you heard the names of the deceased that were announced from one California news station? Really though. 

Don't just read them, say them out loud really you have to. And fill in the word "fuk" where it is blurred. You guys, someone on the news actually read all of these out loud and claims to have had no idea they were fake. Really. No one is quite sure who is responsible for this "senseless prank," but I've watched enough Simpsons to know this has Bart written all over it. Or perhaps Veronica Corningstone... 

And lastly, I was really really excited to hit one million views earlier this week. I know ten-year-olds start Tumblrs every day that get like a million views in like a week, but that doesn't stop me from feeling pretty excited anyway. So thank you for reading, or at the very least clicking on my page! Really though, thank you!

This has been another edition of Really!?! Featuring me, not Seth and Amy. 
Have a really great weekend. Enjoy the heat, before you know it we'll all be back to complaining about the cold. 

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  1. First of AWESOME about bring an extra - the next logical step IS reading the weekend update on SNL so can't wait to see you there!

    Secondly, all I could think about that flight thing was who is reading the news? Ron Burgundy??

  2. So glad to hear extra #9 was a wild success. I love aidy! Agree with all of the above. Especially the name thing, like come on. And congrats on 1 million, that's a HUGE deal!!

  3. that is so cool you got to meet Aidy Bryant, I would be so excited and act like a damn fool around anyone from SNL. I can't believe the sketchers thing either, number one those shoes are a disgrace and two people really do think they can loose weight wearing them. I worked with a rather portly woman who wore them and the weird shape of the sole actually made her fall one day. she was convinced she was going to loose weight wearing those things!

  4. really - i mean how cool was your day yesterday! so fun! i totally have those people i am obsessed with and wana be like and would just sit and watch them every day. i'm a creeper and i'm not afraid to admit it.

  5. I do miss Best Week Ever but "REALLY?!?!?" With the Daily Tay is just as amazing!

  6. I still can't get over the Asiana Flight mishap - totally cracks me up. And HOW EXCITING about the mini series!!

  7. I want all of my yoga pants moniez back. Now.

  8. Congrats, glad everything went well with being Extra #9. Who does not realize those names are wrong?! Duh! Uhm I am one of those seeking damages from Sketchers, don't hate! Just kidding! Really, people!!

  9. Those names, really?
    Have good weekend

  10. love it, super proud of you! also someone from snl lives in my building but i have no idea what cast member it is. mainly bc i don't watch and have no idea who is on the show. so now i will at least be able to look for this girl, fingers crossed it's her and then i can convince her to be my bff.

  11. Thank you for this post! That Jack Hoffman clip made me tear up this morning!

  12. That Rolling Stone nonsense- don't get me started. When the media gives so much coverage to these sickos, they give them exactly what they wanted. Negative attention is still attention and it only encourages the other PSYCHO PATHS that are coming up with their own schemes.

  13. The ESPYS making grown men cry since 1993.

  14. Way to go about the million views!
    And I went on a rant yesterday on my blog about that cover too.. Rolling Stone "bombed" it! It's horrendous and ethics should always trump journalism - and I'm saying that as a writer myself!

    xo caro

  15. That's so awesome you got to meet Aidy!
    Oh man, I laughed so hard about the list of names.. I probably would have read them out loud without realizing that they were fakes. Sometimes I'm not the most observant ha ha!!

  16. Congrats on a million views, and it sounds like you had a lot of fun at the filming! I know it's so wrong, but I have been giggling all week about the Ron Burgundy-esque goof up on that news broadcast.
    - Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

  17. Your life is seriously so cool; I can't wait until I spot you on SNL one day!

  18. Yay for meeting Aidy and hitting 1 million views, that's awesome! Regarding the Rolling Stone, I think one of the reasons that these people do things like that is for the notoriety. They know that their face will be plastered everywhere. The American Media's obsession with "celebrity" has truly become disturbing.

  19. This is so awesome, go you!! You'll be on SNL in no time, lady.

    Also the google ad that popped up just now at the bottom is by far the best I've ever seen...something along the lines of air inflated breasts....

  20. That Rolling Stones cover disgusts me. At first glance, it looks like a rock star, and then you realize it is a man responsible for killing multiple people. Congrats on a million views! Also, I love this series!

  21. 1 milly views!?!?! how about 1 milly high fives! that's awesome!

    also, if you happen to stay up waaay too late & watch Discovery ID, like myself, you've probably caught the
    "Been injured wearing Skechers Shape Ups? If so you may be entitled to a settlement... blah blah blah"
    Apparently some super desperate law firm is looking for people who have twisted their ankles and/or tipped over while wearing their shape ups. They go so far as to show reenactments (in sepia tone) of people stumbling around. You can almost hear the exaggerated "OUCH!"
    But it's totes hilarious and definitely good for a few LOL's.
    Also, you may catch it on other channels but I exclusively watch Discovery ID after midnight so I wouldn't know.


  22. Well first of all, I thought you might like to know that I spent the entirety of reading this post mouthing "watermelon"... and also, congrats on one million!!! The big leagues, baby!!

  23. Ok someone at Rolling Stone Magazine needs to be bitched slapped stupid for putting that arsehole on the cover...........

  24. So is this taking over your best week ever? I feel like I missed something. Also, I approve of your decision to no longer center your text. I don't know when that happened either- I'm quite lost.