It's Almost Engagement Season

Sunday, November 10, 2013

With the holidays just around the corner we all know that can only mean one thing- engagement season is just around the corner, as well. Soon enough our social media feeds will be full of "I said yes!" announcements and obnoxiously close ring photos. I can barely wait. So when my wedding guru pal, Monica, asked if she could share some insight when it comes to wedding planning, I said of course! I certainly have no idea about any of that, and it's alway good to mix up content a bit. So here you have it, a little bit of wedding planning advice from a professional-

Planning a wedding is the perfect opportunity to really create a special and unique event that represents both you and your husband. Your tastes, styles and everything in between can somehow be incorporated into the wedding, letting you and your guests know what makes you guys tick and what brings you two together as a couple. There are plenty of ways to go about this, so we will just cover a few here to get you thinking!

Many people consider their pet, whether it be a dog or cat, to be family. Since these furry companions are so important, remember that it is possible to make them a part of your wedding. Taking your pets personality into account along with how much you think they are willing to cooperate, you may be able to give them a special role in the ceremony, like a ring bearer or flower girl (check out these cute outfits for your pup). Keep in mind that this is much easier role for a pooch than a feline. It is important to take into account how much you think your pet will be able to execute the task. If you are still hesitant on whether or not you should include your pet, check out Bridal Guide’s article full of tips and things to consider. If you don’t think they can handle the overwhelming excitement of the wedding ceremony, why not incorporate them into a few of your engagement shots?

Depending on the person or couple, a hobby can be an extremely important part of their life. If it is important enough, there is always a way to include it into the wedding. If your fiancé loves the New York Giants, a groomsman cake in the shape of the stadium can be a great surprise for him. If one of you likes to do stand-up comedy in your free time, getting a comedian to perform during cocktail hour can keep the guests entertained while you finish up your wedding photos outside. With more and more couples abandoning tradition to feature what they truly love, deviating away from uptight ritual won’t raise eyebrows.

Something old
Choosing your own wedding dress is a very important part of planning a wedding. The research begins when you first start taking peeks at Wedding Style Magazine in the book store and getting to know all of the online wedding retailers. Once you make it into a wedding dress shop, it will be an exciting time for some of your bridal party to be included in your decision making, as well as your mother. To make the purchase of the new wedding dress more meaningful, many brides have opted into taking a small piece of fabric from their mother’s wedding dress and sew it into one of the bottom layers of their own wedding dress. Including this bit of “something old” into your new gown will make your mother feel more special. Plus, don’t forget about heirloom jewelry!

Favorite Colors
Although choosing colors for your wedding seems like a necessary task that every couple needs to do, it can be made special. Why not incorporate your favorite hues? If your favorite shade of yellow and his favorite shade of blue, tie them into the wedding to represent the two of you even better. Plus, as the bride, consider ditching traditional white in favor of sporting another pigment that represents your personality? Do you burn with a fiery red passion, feel that your love is as timeless as black or feel as loyal and safe as the color blue? Many celebrities like Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway have chosen to don pink to represent innocent romance, and you can see a growing amount of tinted wedding dresses available at common retailers like David’s Bridal. While it is a personal choice whether or not to honor the age-old custom of wearing white, be aware that this is, by no means, a rule!

Remember, these are just ideas to on how to turn this big day into a representation of your unique love story; there are plenty more opportunities out there. Do you guys both have a fondness for grilled cheese? Did you meet in a particular book store and want to exchange vows in the aisle in which you both reached for the same novel? The only boundaries are the limits of your creativity.

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  1. ALMOST engagement season? Everyday there is a new announcement on my Facebook newsfeed! Oh love sweet love! :)

  2. I was about to say the same thing as Erica! It's already happening in my world!

  3. Haha, I forgot about our 5th season- Engagement Season. My boyfriend popped the question this June in Chicago, so props to him for having good taste and doing it in the the warm sunshine :)

  4. If engagement season hasn't even started I may have to take cover, I am pretty sure at least five of my fb friends have gotten engaged in the past few months.

  5. I don't think that there is a season for engagement. I think its always happening.

  6. while we're rolling through our 6th year of dating, my friends have been running laps around us, and it's "bump" season in my world :P

  7. I love how romantic the holiday can be! x

  8. I really enjoyed reading those tips. Hope he pops the question in the near future ;-)

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