Why We Work- Part II

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In honor of the holiday filled with love that is quickly approaching, I’ve teamed up with Bon to co-host a link-up entitled Why We Work, inspired by this post.

Because I’ve already filled my one lovey post quota about Chris for the year, I’m going to instead write about why about the three of us (Har, Chris, and I) all seem to work.  First and foremost, because they sit like this together on the couch and it’s just about the cutest thing ever to me.

And because when Har and I have both had a long day working from home and we know that Chris will be getting back from work soon all I have to say is “Chris is coming home” and Harlow will bolt to the window and remain there with his tail wagging until he sees Chris walking down the sidewalk.

And also because Chris does the same thing for me when I’m coming home from improv class at 10:30 p.m. He’ll text me to see when I’m close and then let Harlow know so I can receive the same excited welcome. It’s silly, but it’s one of the reasons why we work.

When we take road trips, like for instance next week when we travel all the way to Steamboat, Colorado, the three of us just know we’re going to load up on beef jerky and Combos. And we’re going to spend half of the trip listening to Chris’s music that consists of bands no one has heard of yet, and the other half listening to comedians tell the same jokes I’ve heard over and over. And then for ten minutes we’ll listen to Harlow’s choice- which is usually just Icona Pop on repeat.

And because the three of us are all really good at lazy winter weekends. Sometimes we’ll just chill on the couch all day, only moving to get ourselves a treat or two.

Harlow is a dancer and his favorite thing to do when Chris and I are playing music on a Friday night is get us excited by dancing circles around us. When we grab his paws and twist him from side to side he goes absolutely crazy with joy.

The three of us are good at staying in during the winter (Harlow not so much) because we know when summer rolls around we are going to spend every minute outside. The beach, the park, long summer night walks…. How great does all of that sound right now?

All in all, we just work because we do. We’re the three best friends that anyone could ever have.

Link up with Bon and I and tell us why you work! Today, tomorrow, this weekend, there’s no time limit on this one so have at it.


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