A Weekend At Wonder Lake

Sunday, September 28, 2014

For as much as it sometimes sucks to be an adult, occasionally it has its perks too. Like for example when you can just load your car up with food, booze, and dogs and leave Chicago for the weekend to stay at a lake house with friends.

Thanks to the invite from Charlotte and Mike, that's exactly what we did on Friday. We left Chicago around 5 p.m. and made a quick pit stop in Buffalo Grove to grab the essentials: Cool Ranch Doritos, S'mores stuff, and beer, and arrived at our house for the weekend at Wonder Lake around 8:00 p.m. 

What followed that night was a lot of eating and drinking around the campfire before we all hit the hay around 2:00 a.m. 

And then Harlow ever so kindly woke me up around 6:30 a.m. with his face less than an inch from mine as if to say HEY GET UP WE'RE AT THE LAKE REMEMBER?! SO CAN WE GET UP NOW? NOW? HOW BOUT NOW? NOW? NOW? It always sounds like such a fun idea to bring Har. But sometimes he's worse than being on vacation with a toddler...

So here we are at the crack of dawn looking at the lake. Just to make sure it was still there.

And an hour later at 7:30 a.m. we are still sitting on the dock just staring. Or "enjoying" as Har would say.

But I'll admit, I'm kind of a sucker for an early morning by a lake. You just can't beat it.

And look how happy this guy is. We could never leave him behind.

At one point all of the girls took a boat ride (or at least we tried to) and we left the dogs at home with the boys. The dogs did not like this.

You can see George, Addison and Harlow all staring at us from the dock. This was shortly before Addison and Har just jumped in and tried to swim the boat down.

Just a quick "let's pretend we're not posed" posed photo.

And yes, Chris wears this shirt every Saturday. He's very superstitious about Nebraska football and this shirt has been deemed "lucky" this season...

Lake getaways are just the best, aren't they? I think once Chris and I are over the city thing we might move to the boonies and start a dog farm on a lake. I could totally be into that.

Let's just all keep this peaceful last image in our head as we go into another Monday morning... October is knocking on the door.

Hey blogger folk, you ready for Blogtober14 with Helene and I? First prompt on Wednesday is If I Won The Lottery... I'm really excited for this challenge, more excited than I thought I would be to blog every day in October. But I'm doing it! Are you in?

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  1. Haha your dogs are so cute! I've always loved lakes; one day I hope to live near one :) There's just something so peaceful about them. That last picture you posted is just gorgeous. I'm excited to participate in Blogtober, too! Hopefully I can stick to blogging every day ;)

  2. Love your pictures. Your early morning looks so peaceful. It's so wonderful to watch the world wake up :)

  3. Your weekend looked incredibly relaxing!! And Harlow is just too adorable for words. Can't wait to participate in Blogtober :)

  4. This looks like an amazing little getaway!! I am jealous! Your pup is so so cute!


  5. You are so lucky to have spent the weekend at a lake. It looks just perfect, and so beautiful. I've weirdly been dreaming about going on a similar weekend trip. Harlow looks like the he couldn't be any happier.

  6. I love lakes, they are my favorite. Great post. I definitely want to join #blogtober14. Sign me up!

  7. I love lakes, they are my favorite. Great post. I definitely want to join #blogtober14. Sign me up!

  8. this is so stellar - the most perfect end of summer thing to do!!

  9. I just discovered your blog yesterday and spent 5 hours reading post after post. I really like your way of writing and also found other bloggers through your blog like Venus trapped in Mars (love her too). I want to thank you for making my evening and it's your fault that I was tired in uni today! ;)

  10. Early mornings are my favorite if only for the beauty and being up before anyone else. Love that first shot of Harlow!
    I will be joining Blogtober fo sho! It'll definitely be a challenge but I'm up for it. =)

  11. This looks like an amazing lake. Looks like everyone had fun, too! :) Harlow is just super cute!

  12. Oh yeah I like the look of that lake and of course you have one damn cute dog.

  13. I was going to follow you on instagram ... until I read this post. I mean, if this is what you post NO WAY. I'll spend too much time being jealous. ;) Looks like a fabulous weekend!