Blogging With Intel- Part 2

Sunday, September 14, 2014

About a month ago I mentioned how I recently got the chance to try out the new Surface Pro Intel 2 in 1. The reason I immediately said yes is because I had heard the Surface Pro is said to be the "tablet that can replace a lap top" so I was excited to see if it was true. After more than one month of using the Intel 2 in 1, I can confirm that it is absolutely true.

My favorite thing about the Surface Pro is how easy it is to take with me. I am always on the go and love that I can just slip it in my purse and have it ready to use when I'm on the train or on a plane back to Nebraska. I especially love the adjustable keyboard for typing blog posts- it's much easier and faster than using my ipad.

Beyond just blogging, as a comedian I am constantly keeping notes for possible joke ideas that I don't want to forget. The Surface Pro is great for note keeping and keeping myself organized! And the fact that the Surface Pro comes with Microsoft Word is just a lifesaver.

So after a month of using my tablet, I can honestly say it's become an every day part of my life and I truly love it and all it's able to do.

Intel 2 in 1
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  1. Really interesting! But still I guess I'm just to in love with my Macbook Pro to replace it haha.
    Love, Felicia

  2. I've been wondering how possible it really is to use the Intel as both a laptop and a tablet! I've been considering getting it for my dad or his birthday, since he needs a computer

  3. I'm such a mac person but I've recently been thinking I would like something lighter than my macbook pro to tote around for blogging. Not sure I would want to part with my ipad, but would love something light and easy to use when writing on the road or just "jotting down" ideas.

  4. please follow me!

  5. I've heard great things about the Surface Pro. I'm using a Dell something or other for work and I don't like it that much. I'd rather try something a little more user friendly.

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