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Friday, November 7, 2014

Have you ever taken the time to read a blogger's FAQ section? If you haven't, I suggest you do. Some are good and some are really good.

I figured it's high time I get my own section because let's be honest, I have a lot of frequently asked questions. Let's start with a few, shall we? We shall.

What color do you wear on your lips?
Vasoline! Thanks for asking.

Who takes your photos?
I have a professional photographer named Chris. He's very hard to book and sometimes difficult to work with, but he usually gives me about 2-4 minutes in the morning before he goes to work.

Who does your nails?
No one. Although occasionally I'll let a pack of wild dogs chew on my cuticles.

What color is your hair and how often do you get it done?
Great question! My color is very unique and hard to achieve. It's a cross between hay and broom. I get it done about once a year, twice if I'm feeling fancy or decide to book an appointment with my favorite stylist, L'Oreal.

How do you wear a hat? 
You don't wash your hair and then you really have no other choice. (Christine, that one was for you.)

How does Harlow stay so slim?
He eats a lot of sticks and dirt.

How does one become a blogger?
All else fails.

Your boyfriend has a wonderful beard, do you ever get jealous of strangers complimenting that wonderful beard of his?
Yes I do.

Do you wish you had a beard?
Yes I do.

How do you remain so positive when it sometimes seems like your life is in shambles?
Ignorance is bliss.

Why aren't you and Chris engaged yet?
Because we just love dating each other so much.

Why do you hate the Kardashians?
Why don't you hate the Kardashians?

Do you even have a job? Pretty sure you don't.
Oh c'mon now, I most certainly do have a job. I work for the D.C. Lynch Carnival managing the funnel cake booth. It's not pretty, but someone's gotta do it.

You seem so wonderful and charming and intelligent, why don't you have a talent agent yet?
Oh my gosh, you're too sweet. I often wonder this myself. If you know anyone who would like to represent me, please send them my way.

If you don't "make it" do you have a backup plan?
No. Absolutely not.

Harlow is adorable. Is there any other place we can follow to see more photos of him?
Of course! He loves instagram, follow him at @taylorgracewolfe

And that's it. Just a few answers to the questions I am asked most frequently.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. You are so good at making fun if yourself. It got me thinking about what I could make fun of myself for. I didn't come up with anything. Lol. I'm obvi more uptight than you! And sensitive. Ha.

  2. I'm sitting on hold with a credit card company, trying to get FOUR fradulent charges removed .. crappy morning so far .. then i sign online and see this and .. and .. well I don't know what to say. Turned my day right around. I may wear a hat today in your honor. (and not wash my hair.)

  3. I'm always a fan of FAQ pages. There's only one question I've been frequently asked so I don't think that warrants its own space on my blog or even a post haha.

  4. hahahaha hysterical. "Vasoline! Thanks for asking!" "No, it's a cardigan but thanks for asking"! ;)

  5. Could you imagine if they actually called hair colors hay and broom? I hope people don't really ask you some of those questions, or use the word shambles when they do. It's never fun to be asked why you're not engaged/married/on the same life plan as the person asking you that stupid question.

  6. Hahahaha love the questions almost as much as the answers lol

  7. haha I seriously laughed out loud. You are pretty funny, I love the FAQs

  8. Hahahaha love this. Thanks for making me laugh. My favorite were the two questions relating to Chris' beard. Nailed it.

  9. Haha! Love the answers! My husband also get excited when ladies compliment his beard - he loves it.

  10. My hair is similar at the moment..I'm going with the au natural, self induced ombre look. It's great and free!

  11. You always think of the best posts. that vaseline looks wonderful on you!

  12. Thank you for giving me a laugh this morning

  13. Thanks for finally answering all these questions! And for making me laugh! You are awesome!

  14. First of all this is hilarious and I miss seeing you on stage!!

    Second of all I tagged you in my writing process post!

  15. You could be the new spokesmodel for Vaseline and L'oreal since you don't have a a job (I mean is that person serious???)
    ~Elise @

  16. Whoops, bust up laughing in public again. Thanks a lot, Taylor.