Six Things Bloggers Should Stop Worrying About

1. Whether or not blogging is dying.
It’s not. To be honest, when I started blogging more than five years ago I was told way back then that blogging was already “so dead.” People have always said this and they always will. But as long as I have a website that I can come to every day to write my random thoughts, blogging will never be dead for me. 
From day one I started blogging just as a way to commit myself to writing every day, so even if the readers stop coming and it’s only me who stops by (like it was for the first two years) at least I know I will always have my words. And that’s why blogging won’t ever die for me. (Unless of course the internet officially crashes and in that case we’re all dead.)
2. Having a Pinterest worthy “home office area.”
If you thought that image from above is actually my home office, God bless you. My “home office” is anywhere I plant myself when I first crawl out of bed in the morning. That could be the couch, the floor, or the other floor. It’s never a desk or table because I am a child. 
I’m sure if I had a cute home office area I’d make it ugly in a week anyway. 
3. Getting a fancy “blogger” camera.
Don’t get me wrong, having a DSLR is a great tool. But I don’t think it’s something to stress about because let’s not pretend cameras on phones these days aren’t pretty great as well. I think I probably use my iphone for 75% of the photos that show up on my blog. Like take for example this photo of Harlow and I.
This print is actually a canvas image I ordered from Signazon. I’ve ordered canvas prints numerous times before from various places and this is by far the best quality print I’ve ever received. Unfortunately, a photo of a photo just doesn’t do the quality justice, but here’s another up close look. 
I’m telling you, the clearness and clarity is just awesome. Signazon did an amazing job. Check out their holiday card collection here.
4. Whether or not you look stupid in an “outfit post” photo. 
Who’s with me on this? I used to be (still am sometimes) so insecure about posting outfit photos because I know I’m not a fashion blogger and I always think I look like an idiot. But you know what? I do love fashion so when I get the opportunity to try out a cool new piece of clothing or workout outfit, I’m going to say hells yes because why not. 
I recently got to try Boden’s new line of workout gear and it is incredible. I actually went around making people feel the yoga pants because the material is that smooth. 

And while we’re at it, let’s stop feeling stupid about fake-stretching on a brick wall. Or no? Okay, yea I guess we can still feel stupid about this one.

Oh hey, I’m just going for a casual stroll with my jacket tossed over my shoulder… Hey.

5. Being popular on Bloglovin.

The big gals run that show and that’s just how it is. It will always be the same 5-10 (fashion) bloggers who are the coolest kids on the Bloglovin block. Maybe I should start a site called Blogliken for all of us smaller lifestyle blogs. Anyone with me?

6. Internet trolls.

They’re always going to be there. Like a good friend of mine once told me, just don’t feed them and they’ll eventually go away.

We worry too much as humans, no need to carry that worry over as bloggers.

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