The 2015 Blogger's Guide To Resolutions

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A guide to help you be a better blogger/person/everything in 2015. No need to thank me, we're all in this rat race together.

In 2015 I vow to...

1. Take more headless photos on Instagram. 
Heads are out. Feet are in. So embrace the trend and get with the times.

2. Drink more coffee and take more photographs of me drinking coffee. (See photo above.)
I feel like 2015 is going to be a big year for this, even more so than 2014. So put on a scarf, hold a coffee cup, throw on some "arm candy", and start taking photos from the chin down.

3. Speaking of scarves, acquire more blanket scarves. 
If you think you have enough, buy five more. Then ten more. I repeat, buy more blanket scarves.

4. Figure out what is and then invent your own better system- but for dogs! 
Now you can also be a millionaire.

5. Do more Instagram.
More tagging, more hashtagging, more staging, more everything. Find a white board and your favorite filter and watch the magic happen!

6. Remodel every single room in your house.
People eat this stuff up in the blogging world.

7. Take more photos where you're not looking at the camera, but your hand is placed somewhere awkwardly on your head.
These are so hot right now.

8. Learn to use a planner.
I'm still working on this resolution from last year... Perhaps I should change it to learn to make your own planner and then sell it on Etsy to other bloggers. Yes, this one seems more realistic for me. Coming soon: Planners By Tay- just a bunch of blank pages that no one will write in anyway.

9. Do more "I have a big announcement coming soon" announcements on my blog followed by "sneak peaks of tomorrow's blog post" on Instagram.
Just trust me on this one.

10. More rings on one finger.
You know those knuckle rings people wear? Get them. My goal for 2015 is to cover my entire finger with rings so no one will even be able to see my finger!

11. Do better at everything.
i.e. take over BLOGLOVIN.

Happy New Years Eve! Don't feel the pressure to make tonight the very best night of your life. Or do, I don't care. Whatever floats your boat. See you in 2015!

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  1. I love these posts... headless photos and blanket scarves... I'm on it. Happy New Year!

  2. I'm on board. Check and check and 9 more checks after that! I really could do better at blogging but then I remember I really don't care. This blogging thing is an outlet for me. That is all. But I really do need a blanket scarf!

  3. Umm, speaking of buying all the blanket one, get one free, anyone?

  4. Hahaha this is hilarious. I actually do need to up my blanket scarf game, so I'm off to do that right now. Headless photo coming soon.

  5. Hahaha, headless photos! I like this trend, I don't even have to put on makeup or do my hair! And I can definitely get on board with drinking more coffee. I don't have ANY blanket scarves so I guess I fail at blogging. Happy New Year!

  6. I failed at most of this in 2015, need to up my game in 2015.

  7. Every time, never fails, you have me laughing at the end of your posts! The fact that I’m guilty of six of the eleven items on this list makes it even funnier (and cringe worthy!). Thanks for always calling it as it is! I hope you have a rockin' New Years-no pressure!

  8. This is perfect. As a rookie blogger, I feel that I am now ready for 2015. Lehgo!

  9. my only resolution should be to NOT make any resolutions - low expectations = lesser chance at failing #nailedit

  10. Haha, yes for headless photos! Feet are the new black. Thanks for always making us laugh!
    Have a great New Year's Eve, and a kickass 2015!

  11. Haha yesssss. I especially like "do better at everything." I feel that just really sums it all up. Happy new year!!! :)


  12. Harlow's face in that first pic is all "yeah idk about you but this mug was made to be seen"

  13. I just bought a 2015 planner and I am dead set on using it. I always use them for about 2 weeks. I am determined to use it for the entire year.

    Midwest Darling

  14. ooh, just like the headless photos, you can do the "from the lips down" photos that I see all the time. Those are a great way to show off your new array of scarves and coffee too!
    I would totally buy in to planners by Tay, planners are irresistible to me. I spent $30 on a planner in 2014 and used it less than twice. You'd be rich in no time.

  15. Great goals. I totally think heads are out and feet are in. Makes it much easier that way. I have pretty nice socks. Happy New Year.

  16. I don't do resolutions because I am so lazy and have zero follow through

  17. Wasn't sure what my new years resolutions werre going to be this year so sorry I just stole a few of yours haha

  18. Drinking coffe and making headles photos? Yeah! :)) Thanks for inspiration!

  19. These are obviously all 100% en pointe. Especially headless photos - it means you don't even have to do your hair and you can still get a thousand likes on social media! Cheers to that in 2015.
    Adding these all to my list, because another one of my resolutions is to make more lists. The seven I already have ongoing is clearly not enough!

  20. Man! I live in China and feel very out of the loop with all things cool, but I've been rocking the blanket scarf for a few years.... I didn't even know that was a thing! Some people just exude all things cool before they're even cool... I guess I'm just one of those people. Also, I thought I was chopping my head off in pictures because of bad angles & double chin much, also bad hair days, but turns out, I was also just falling in sync with all things cool. Man, like I said, some people just naturally exude this without even trying.

  21. Haha, you are too funny friend! Happy 2015 - what an exciting year as a fiancé x

  22. Love it! I'm new at this blogging thing but I can still relate... funny but oh, so true. -

  23. Planners by Tay sound awesome. I'd buy haha

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