Explaining Bloggers on Instagram to Non Bloggers on Instagram

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

nest ring found here.

And now a post to explain my Instagram behavior to all of my non-blogger friends in this world.

Whenever someone I know adds me on Instagram I want to pull them aside and give them a heads up about what they're going to get. Because I know what you're thinking, non blogger friend of mine, I post some weird shit sometimes. That I do. I will not deny this.

Said weird stuff can include but is not limited to: Photos of coffee mugs that might leave you thinking, why is she posting a photo of a coffee mug? It's a mug. I don't get it.

Photos of just my feet on a white rug, as if to say look at my feet everyone! They're there!

Photos of me sitting down holding something stupid like a planner or an agenda. i.e. another headless photo.

Photos of my hands strategically placed on my computer as if I'm actually still typing as I'm taking this stupid selfie.

And last but certainly not least, the mother of all "what the hell is that photo all about" photos, my personal favorite, the "look at all of my things I own spread out on a whiteboard" photo. Talk about a a beauty of a photo. When done right this glossy photo takes the cake macaron. (That's a blogger joke.)

And now to uncover the reasoning behind some of these weird photos.

First and foremost, often times blogging is pretty awesome and we get sent free stuff we have to post on Instagram. We "sell out" if you will. No sense in pussyfooting around this first one because it's the truth in the matter.

But here's another factor, you know when you work in an office and you start to pick up certain behaviors or similarities of your coworkers? Overtime you start to like the same things and share some of the same hobbies. You might not have liked some of the stuff they liked initially, but it rubs off on you. This is kind of what it's like to be a blogger on Instagram. Or at least that's what I tell myself to make me feel better. It's not because we're all lambs.

I'm not sure about the average joe, but I follow a lot of lifestyle/fashion bloggers who have mastered the art of faking a beautiful filtered life. Like these girls are masterminds at making life look pretty and #thatsdarling.  If you look at their Insta stream, almost all of their professional quality photos are basically the exact same. There's usually just one minor detail that's different, it's like one of those games, "spot the differences in these two identical photos!" Only it's their entire feed! It's oddly beautiful. And also slightly terrifying.

As much as I loathe the weirdly posed photos of stupid shit, I love them. I love/hate them like I love/hate Gigi Hadid. I want to hate it, but I can't look away. It's so pretty. And it's fun to imagine a having a pretty life full of decorative lattes and fingers clad in 100 ridiculous tiny knuckle rings. And who am I kidding, I don't hate you Gigi, I love you!

So every once in awhile I get caught up in the stream of Valencia lighted images and feel the urge to toss in my own "look at me drinking coffee on a furry white rug" photo. I'm only human, what can I say. I know that to my blog peeps, it's the norm. And to my non-blog peeps, it's super weird. I try to embrace both sides. I guess my thought is this, life gets pretty ugly sometimes, so what's the harm in sprucing it up with a filter or two every once in awhile? You hear me, girlfriend? No? Okay.

Then just for good measure I try to throw in a few pics of Harlow. Followed by more pics of me looking like an idiot.

What are your thoughts on Instagram? Raise your hand if you're ready for a new social media craze. Anyone else itching to move back to good old fashioned creepy chat rooms? Middle-school me is raising her hand like a mad woman right now. Java chat for the win.


  1. Tay! Girl you are crazy! But this is true! hahaha


    1. I love that this is the first comment. This is the product of a post written at 3:00 a.m....

  2. Completely on point here. One might even say on fleek. (Am I using that correctly? Who knows.)



  3. Instagram makes me smile. I appreciate the time staged photo takes. I'm still in the OMG LOOK AT MY PUPPY stage of Instagram. . . or I guess actually, the I have no life outside of work and my home stage..

    So thank you for any and all staged photos. It makes my day

  4. I finally had to stop following a bunch of mommy bloggers because pictures of their cute kids and perfect dinners were doing me in and making me want that too. But I do love a good picture of a pretty latte and pretty mugs. Also, I will always love the pictures of Harlow.

  5. Oh, so much awkward-because-you-nailed-it-laughter coming from me during this post. Ha...there is nothing else to be said. #thatsdarling

  6. PREACH. The struggle is real (how much of a bloggy comment was this?)

  7. Is it odd that I look at non-bloggers on Instagram and wonder "why do they post so many pictures of themselves!!?" I guess I forget that non-bloggers don't feel a need to create perfectly posed pictures of random stuff for a blog!

  8. Is it odd that I look at non-bloggers on Instagram and wonder "why do they post so many pictures of themselves!!?" I guess I forget that non-bloggers don't feel a need to create perfectly posed pictures of random stuff for a blog!

  9. I'm obsessed with Instagram and all the silly trends that go along with it #guilty

  10. I am obsessed with Instagram...it's definitely my social media go-to. I would say that its a guilty pleasure, but I'm not guilty about it!

  11. I love the part about "selling out". I feel that way all the time, and sorry not sorry, I'm proud of all the free stuff I get!

  12. ha! this amazing. i also super loved that while i was reading about the shot containing a hand on a computer...that one flew by in your IG window. well played :)

    plz add me in yahoo chats "silverstardustCET" (that was my legit screen name) #thatsdarling

  13. I don't even own a white furry rug...blogging all wrong!

  14. Not gonna lie, I just had a conversation like this with a couple of friends of mine who asked what blogging was like! I need to step up my blogging game though!

  15. Ah, yes. The things we "have" to Instagram! I really need to get better. My insta feed is BOR-RING!

  16. It's all about "branding" right, haha... but yes, I still love to post some "normal" things that aren't so cool...like my family. Oh well, I'll never the perfect Instagrammer, but I can spend every day trying.

  17. Oh my goodness what a crazy gal you are

  18. This is completely true! My friends will often text me like "Kati, WTF why did you post another picture of a mug?" or "Does your life always look perfect?" and I just don't know how to respond. Blogger life yo.

  19. I find myself strategically planning my feed. You know, like "well I haven't posted an outfit yet so I probably should do an #ootd today followed by something of me with other people to show I have friends and am not narcissistic."
    That, my friend, is blogger instagramming. We're all in this together.


  20. We are all totally weird and I'm okay with that. Spot on ;)

  21. And this is why I have two instagrams. The personal one is really the one I use though and the blog one just lies there dormant. Poor thing. I just don't know how to explain blog ish. Maybe in a few years lol

  22. Blogger quirks, haha. I have an appreciation for the time put into the stage photos. I'm not to good at it, though. :) I do sometimes plan out what I am going to post and save photos for certain days instead of when it happens. :p

  23. Ha ha this is perfect timing! I was debating whether or not I should start a second instagram account for just family & friends to post non-curated photos. I was talking to my sister about this dilemma and this post sums it up perfectly!

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