8 Things That Define My Summer 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I bought my first fall candle yesterday. I haven't burnt it yet, but it's coming. That's always a symbolic moment for me.

I'm going to have to accept it soon; summer is almost over. It kills me to write that. I always have a hard time letting go of this season. It's like saying good bye to a friend you know you'll see again, but you're just not sure when. It hurts.

Before I get too sentimental however, let's just cut to the chase. I'm stealing this post idea from Christy at Avoiding Atrophy. She wrote an awesome post a few weeks ago, I liked the idea, so here we are. Go over and read her blog if you don't already.


I finally learned how to drive Officer Scoots this summer and I am obsessed. It's embarrassing how cool I think I am cruising around on this thing. I feel like any day now Hells Angels is going to ask me to join their crew. But seriously, having a scooter in Chicago opens up the city. You can get anywhere super quick, and better yet, you can park ANYWHERE. It's amazing.

Engagement pics. 

First we weren't going to do them. Then we were. Then we weren't. And finally we did. Am I glad we caved and snapped a few? For sure. Is Chris? No. He still bitches about it in fact. It's become one of "those things." My only regret is that perhaps I should have removed my nose ring...Whatever though, it's who I am right now. Someday I'll want to look back and remember how hard I tried to pretend like I'm hip.


Chicago is my favorite place to be in the summer, but I won't deny Nebraska is a close second. There's just something about those steamy nights where the sun doesn't go down until after 9 p.m. while the Nebraska summer bugs swarm every light pole they can find that I absolutely love. It's childhood. The night spent at the CWS back in June with my parents and sister was perfect. How was that already three months ago? Yo life, slow down.

Street festivals.

Have I mentioned how much I love summer festivals in Chicago? They happen every weekend from May-October and they allow me to purchase ridiculous items like the photo you see above. Harlow on a surf board? I love it so much. This weekend we're going to Oyster Fest and it's going to be slimy and delicious.


Launching this has been one of the most challenging and exciting things I've done in awhile. On a daily basis my emotions range from 0-100 when thinking about anything related to this venture.

Green smoothies.

This shall forever be known as the green smoothie summer. Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy a green smoothie, but here's the thing, they actually taste good! Although I never lost any weight or magically got a six pack simply by drinking them, I feel good about having one a day because it's a way to get my greens.

Also I could add it was the summer of rings I guess? I finally branched out from the same jewelry I've been wearing since the 80s thanks to Rocksbox. I'm not lying here, before jumping on board this Rockbox train I had no idea what jewelry to buy. Now someone much cooler just sends it to me. It's a win/win. Use the code thedailytayxoxo to get a free month!


Harlow doesn't define my summer, it's more like my life. I just wanted an excuse to post this pic of him because his smile is so adorable.

And lastly, wedding planning. It's a work in progress...

It all is.

What defined your summer of 2015?


  1. Such a cute post. Love all your rings in the smoothie picture!

  2. I visited Chicago this summer, and I would totally love to live there during the summer because it was perfect! I definitely wouldn't want to live there during the winter though... And how could Harlow not define your life/summer with a face as cute as that and all of his shenanigans!

  3. Have you heard the new Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song "Downtown" about cruising around on his moped? That's what the photo of you on Office Scoots had me thinking of, ha!

  4. Any excuse to post a pic of Harlow works for me!

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful summer.

    Mine? Mine pretty much sucked. It was the hardest summer I've had in years. But some good things are coming out of it, so it's not all bad.

  5. Summer is definitely for living and you sure did a lot of that girl! I love your rings in the picture with the smoothie, I always try to get on that trend but they end up looking ridiculous on me because my fingers resemble that of a man. I love any post that contains a picture of Harlow, if I was a dog I think I would be Harlow ha!
    My summer involved travelling and beach days!

  6. change. that's what defined mine. might have to steal this post idea. love it so much!

  7. I'm calling it now, you're going to start the scoot revolution.

  8. My Summer 2015 was defined by:

    * Graduation.
    * Residual research.
    * Lots of travelling back and forth between Chicago and Menomonie.
    * From limbo to limbo.
    * Good times with friends.

  9. I think that you had a pretty great summer from the looks of it. & I do believe that Hells Angels will be coming to recruit you very soon. Ha! :)