10 Easy Ways To Grow Your Instagram

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

On the last survey I conducted on my blog in regards to what you want to see more of/know more about I heard the same thing over and over.

"More Instagram tutorials."

"Please Taylor, your photos are SO original. How do you come up with so many great ideas?"

"Is your arm really that long? How do you get all the shots of your feet? Share your secrets."

"For real, your pics aren't dumb at all. Help me figure out how to take a pic of my feet!"

Ask no more. Below I will share ten Instagram photo ideas that will:

1. Double your following. and 2. Triple your likes. 

The best part is that you don't have to show your face in any! All of the photos I'm about to show you are very unique and have all had at least 1,000 + likes. Some have had 10,000 likes. Probably. Maybe.


How to do it: Tuck the abs, lean as far back as you're able, then stretch your arm in the air as far as it can go! *You may spill your coffee several times.

2.  The "just holding a cupcake above my feet" pic. Love it so much.

How to do it: Go buy a cupcake, hold it above feet,  lean back slightly, snap a pic.

3. Wine and computer and shoes on a white blanket. Hells yes!

How to do it: Sit on a white blanket you don't really use because eww who wears sneakers on a blanket? Stretch arm above. Snap that shit.

4.  Cozy with my hot chocolate and marshmallows!

How to do it: MUST wear slippers and festive leggings for this photo to work or it just won't be the same. Then angle feet in just a tiny bit, but not completely in- the pigeon toe blogger look is so 2012.

5. Dogs and donuts. Yes yes yes!

How to do it: go buy donuts and if necessary, a dog. Pose on blanket. Then let dog eat donut because gross donuts are only for posing on Instagram.

6. A classic, but a goody! "Everyone look at my shoes, purse, and passport" pic. I'm traveling and need EVERYONE to know.

How to do it: Just go to the airport and snap a pic. Spoiler: you don't even have to actually go anywhere. People will never know!

7. "Look at me wearing clothes" pic.

How to do it: put on clothes.

8. New Balance on a white blanket with wine. Bloggers LOVE New Balance.

How to do it: grab the same old white blanket you don't use in real life, pull sweater slightly over wrist, then hover your phone in the air. Bonus points if you get dog paws in the shot.

9. Socks. Blanket. Wine.

How to do it: Order this shirt and then the rest will take care of itself.

*I should also note that it's important for all of these photos that you remain shameless. Just keep reminding yourself that it's your job to take photos of your feet on white blankets! Your responsibility, really.

I'm going to cut this off at nine because I'm pretty sure you get the point. If you don't, feel free to email me at thedailytay@gmail.com for more tips! Hope everyone found this very helpful. Please feel free to share it 100,000 times so the world can see my tips, too.

Coming next week: How To Snapchat Your Way To A Better Life!!! Start by checking out my quick tips I've already been snapping @thedailytay.

*I have never actually conducted a survey on my blog and I probably never will.


  1. Ha! I love IG, I really do. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't want more likes and followers but I don't REALLY care and have to laugh at the lengths some people will go to get them. All I'll do is take a nice pic and add some hashtags and my friends and family tease the hell outta me for it ("you're so THIRSTY"). #LeaveMeAlone

  2. oh em gee.. you just changed my instagram life. which is more important than real life! #amiright

  3. So what you're saying is, all I really need is a white blanket and a variety of shoes to get my instagram going? Thanks Tay!

  4. It looks like the only thing I've been missing this whole time is a white blanket I don't use!

  5. you can make fun of it, but you DO IT and you KNOW it's true. Let's get #instaweird

  6. I absolutely love your nail polish! I wish I had the patience to paint my nails. They get ruined and chipped immediately and I'm too poor to get them done professionally all the time :( jealous.

  7. Gross donuts are only for IG...bahahhahah

  8. LOL love. **Except some people are just pigeon toed. Like me.

  9. Confession.......I immediately purchased the sneaks in #8 (in turquoise) after seeing your Instagram post!

  10. Hahaha I love this. So funny, but so true. I just started an insta for my blog (shameless plug, follow me at seekingthesouthblog) and it's hard work to seem like you put no effort into it! Dang!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  11. haha! thanks for the tips. gotta go shop for New Balances now. and a white blanket. and donuts.

  12. I can't even with this post! HAHA You crack me up! But for real! This post is amazing! lol

    -Ashlee Michelle

  13. I really need that shirt. It's so true, it hurts me to admit it...

  14. this is hysterical! love the photos and i may have to attempt my own ;)

  15. My favorite part is that these sock pics always come out in the winter and I don't know about anyone else but I haven't shaved my legs in probably...3 days, haha. Am I the only one lol?

  16. I'm cracking up. You are too funny "buy dog if necessary".

  17. Your Insta posts are always great. Esp love the Harlow ones :)

  18. This is hilarious! Love your sense of humor just filled in one post!

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