Using Facebook Ads To Gain Followers & Boost Traffic

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Last month more than 85,000 views landed on my blog directly from Facebook.

So it should come as no surprise that I'm a big fan of using Facebook advertising to send traffic toward my blog and also toward my other site,

I've talked about writing this post for several weeks now and have put it off mostly because I'm not sure where to start. So I'm just going to jump right in.

*Disclaimer: I'm not claiming to be an expert on anything, I'm just sharing with you what has worked for me. I've learned through experience, reading tutorials, and watching videos. All the info is out there, you just have to take the time to find it.

Other than using Facebook to bring traffic to my blog, I also credit it with building my entire line, Talk Herbie To Me. Facebook is how I run every giveaway, promo and deal for my Talk Herbie line and I always see an increase in sales after I post something. The young kids might not be on Facebook like the research apparently says, but the people who are my target demographic certainly are.

Speaking of,  who is your target demographic? You need to know this. The more specific the better. We'll get more into this in a bit.

Let's start with the basics:

Why did my post only reach 52 people?

Isn't that the worst? When you write something great but then Facebook tells you they only showed it to 52 people. WHY?

From what I've read, there's a few reasons.

First of all, what time did you post? This matters.

For me, I've learned my key posting times are Monday-Thursday between 8:30 p.m.- 10:30 p.m. 

Be careful of over posting. 

The way the Facebook algorithm works (from what I've been told and also read) is like this:

If you post several things in a row that no one "LIKES," then there's a very good chance hardly anyone will even get the opportunity to see your next post. It's almost like it's hidden.

An active newsfeed full of posts with like and comments makes Facebook happy. A quiet one makes them not happy.

On the flip side. If your posts are garnering a lot of attention and LIKES, then Facebook rewards you and puts it in everyone's newsfeed. They'll keep pushing your posts out there until they stop getting attention. Until we're back to only 52 people...

Does this make sense? Is it even true? I don't know! I just read it somewhere and then carefully monitored my posts and it seemed to make sense.

So how do you change this?

Post things people want to see. Duh, Taylor, you're probably thinking.

But for real. Don't just use your Facebook work/blog page for your own content. Post viral articles and videos that you know will get comments and shares. Facebook will give you a little pat on the back when you publish your next personal post, I promise.

If all else fails, post dog videos. I WILL LIKE THEM. I like all dog videos. Or just write about dogs. A few weeks ago this post got 30,000 hits in 24 hours and it made me oh so happy.

Another way to get your posts in front of more people: ask people to share them! Ask fellow blog pals, your mom, your sister, whoever!

Hey blog reader, will you share this (or pin it) if you found it helpful? Cool, thanks. No, you won't? That's okay, too. I'll keep living anyway. See how easy that was?

Fun fact: the algorithm is always changing...

So how do you get around this?

Pay for ads and boosts. 

We're not talking  hundreds of dollars here. I usually only do $5-$10 per week.

*When I "pay for ads" I go about it two ways. 

I'll get into this in part two. (It's really coming this time, I swear!) This has just gotten too long and I need to break it up.

If you have specific questions, please ask them below!

Check out The Daily Tay on Facebook here! Spoiler: my latest post totally tanked because I published it at 9:00 a.m. which is a terrible time for me. Do as I say, not as I do... Tonight I'm reposting an older post and also boosting it. Why? To get more traffic!

And if you want more info about growing your followers and gaining more readers, I'm sitting in on this FREE webinar tomorrow tonight and I already know it's going to be very helpful!

This was exhausting. Please tell me someone found it useful.


  1. these tips are SPOT on. so many people discount facebook and it can be a HUGE resource. Thank you for sharing the webinar and being awesome and EVERYTHING.

  2. I'm trying to learn which form of social media is best for me for increasing blog traffic. To me, twitter is the easiest to manage, but I'm not sure it's the best. Facebook seems so complicated! Some days my posts have tons of "views" but other days I feel like it's a waste of time.

  3. Great information, I've always been curious exactly why some of my posts are so much more successful than others.

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  4. Ah I think I may sit in on that Webinar, I definitely would love more information! Looking forward to part two!

    toast the girl almighty

  5. Good to know. Great tips!
    Abbie E.

  6. Why can't we just blog and not promote ourselves? I just wanna write. And i want people to like me. I don't like Facebook. But thanks for sharing, this all makes sense now. I'm going to share viral things that aren't mine.

  7. I love this post! I'm always looking for more knowledge on how to promote something :) thanks for sharing what works for you

  8. Great tips!! I had no clue. Im lucky is my posts get a 52 reach!

  9. So, SO useful! I've been really trying to get Facebook to work for me, so thank you for this!

    Chelsie @ Hey There, Chelsie

  10. SO helpful! Can't wait to read part two. This is also really encouraging--learning ways(and that there are ways) to boost traffic. It's pretty discouraging when you're really proud of and excited about a post and no one reads it! I think this is also a helpful reminder to me that growing a blog takes work! anyways, yes very helpful!!!!!

  11. This is really helpful. Ever since Facebook implemented these algorithms, I've felt like it's so complicated and not worth the effort. But your advice makes me feel a bit better and maybe I'll get back on there at some point.

  12. I really enjoyed this post. Very informative. Thank you!


  13. Interesting idea about timing of posts. For me, I can end up posting at any hour of the day, but since I have WordPress post the link on Facebook simultaneously, a bad time might make it unnoticed by people who don't get e-mail notifications of my blog posts.