My Friday Favorites

Thursday, March 24, 2016

And now for a post about so many things. I feel like end-of-the-week posts are okay to do that, are we all on board? Good.

For starters, I have to admit I'm very proud of that bloggy pic above. I know it's weird and kind of dumb, but I find it very pleasing for some reason and that's not something I'm usually good at pulling off. I don't "have the eye" for that type of thing, so when it happens I get excited.

The sunglasses can be found here. If you just now clicked on them you saw they're $329. (Insert crying laughing face emoji.) I didn't (and I can't) spend that on sunnies. The last time I spent more than $100 on sunglasses was in college when I got a very ugly pair of Diors from Sam's Club.

I'm trying out this new program called Endless Eyewear that I'm actually really excited about. Basically I get to try out as many designer sunglasses as I want for three months. It's perfect timing because I have 100 weddings in the next couple months and I like to wear fun sunglasses for such events. If you use the code THEDAILYTAY you can try out some crazy expensive sunnies FREE for a month too.

I think these Retrosuperfuture sunnies are awesome, but let's be honest I'd never be able to afford them. But I'll wear them for a week or two and act as if. I might just try out these next because why the hell not.

Moving right along.

Rocksbox, you guys. Never in a million years would I think I'd like having jewelry sent to me. My friends from high school can testify I wore the same turquoise ring I found in my mom's jewelry box for 15 years. Jeni, you know what one I'm talking about.

And yet I tried RB one month over a year ago and haven't quit yet. As mentioned before, it's so perfect for wedding season. Use the code thedailytayxoxo to get a month free. 

I own all of these pieces they've sent. The ring below is probably way too cool for me, but I bought it anyway. Sometimes I just wear it around my house and pretend I'm hip enough to pull it enough. And if I put it on my shirt I like to pretend like I'm a flight attendant.

The verdict is still out on this necklace. I love it, but it's a little pricey. So I'm going to hang on to it and wear it to a wedding next weekend in Palm Springs and decide after.

That's the beauty of these subscription things, you can wear it once and send it right back.

I went bold (for me) and ordered this jump suit to wear to the rehearsal dinner next week in Palm Springs. It's going to be a super classy wedding, so I want to pretend to fit in. I now own TWO jumpsuits. Who am I? I don't know. Also, my friend Kate asked me to give a speech at said rehearsal dinner. What was she thinking? Jk jk Kate, I'll make it good... And I'll look fancy AF in that coral jumpsuit while doing it!

As a backup I ordered this skirt. Yes, I could probably just shop in Chicago, but that requires effort. So.... so here I am.

I've had some wine whilst writing this post. Just felt like I needed to get that out of the way. It's been a tough week- good tough, but tough never the less.

"Whilst." What a great word. Did I use it right? Probably not.

I'm going to finish this post (and evening) by putting on my fake glasses and settling in for a night of snapchat. Because that's my life. I ordered my fake glasses from Firmoo because they always have specials and they're inexpensive, but they actually last and don't break.

And that's it for today.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Easter!


  1. I love those sunglasses! I currently have myself on a sunglasses buying freeze after a brand new pair of (real) Ray Bans got stolen off the beach the day after Christmas. Some people are shameless! I was so pissed. Plus, I've been eyeing (ha, punny) a new pair of Karen Walkers...

  2. I love DITTO! Only problem is I want to keep them all! See ya on Snapchat tonight ;)

  3. Ah! I'm looking for that book! I've heard great things! What do you think?

  4. the best way to complete an instagram is with a pair of glasses. if only i wore them. also i need those sunglasses stat.

  5. Happy Easter! That book is on my reading list too!

    Her Heartland Soul

  6. Those sunglasses are gorgeous! Love the necklace too. I couldn't do this type of subscription box. I would buy everything.