13 Types of People You'll Find On Snapchat

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1. The Silencer.

You check your sound 100 times because you're certain it's off. But no, this person is just afraid to hear their own voice and chooses to take vids on mute. Let it out, silent person! Let your voice be heard while you're showing us that beautiful landscape!

2. The Look How Cute I Look Without Makeup Girl.

"Don't look at me guys, I'm such a wreck today." She's probably wearing cute glasses. Maybe a baseball cap. But spoiler: she's not a wreck. In fact she's probably never looked like a wreck in her life. Ever.

3. The Look At Me While I Stare At How Good Looking I Am Person.

She usually just stares. Every once in a while she might give a coy smile. Maybe a lip pout. It's confusing to watch. And yet I don't unfollow. Who's the real loser here? .....

4. The Car Singer/Rapper Person.

Often seen with #3. Or is #3. Or is Kylie Jenner. She likes to use her pointer finger a lot while she's singing as if she's sexily scolding someone. I'm not sure why. I've tried to imitate it to understand the sensation she's getting from it, but it didn't work for me.

5. The Filter Person.

Just can't get enough of those filters. More specifically the dog one because everyone looks adorable as a dog. Enough with the dog filter. We get it, you're cute.

6. Jenny Blogger Person.

Their entire feed is just them showing pics of their photos from their blog or talking about their newest blog post. Or showing walking clips outside as they get ready "for another shooting day!"

Gotta admire that hustle!

7. The Mommy Snapper Person. 

We recognize their mommy voice more than we do our own mommy. Every second of their child's life is documented on snapchat for thousands of stranger followers to view.

8. The Complaining Travel Person.

Off to LA again. So tired. Early flight. Gotta werk werk werk! 

Another weekend in Paris! Flight is delayed. What can you do though? Airports make me grumpy lol.

Costa Rica is super hot. Can't wait to get home. 

9. The Humble Bragger.

They want to show you how cool their life is, but they gotta be subtle about it. They'll take a snap and you MIGHT just see all the free shit they got in the background. Also see #8.

10. The How To Put On A Hat Person.

They're just here to help you live better! Putting on a hat is hard. Do like they do!

11. The "Good Morning Snapchat" Person.

They always apologize for "being so MIA lately," when in fact they were just gone for a few hours. Most likely sleeping. Because it was nighttime and that's what people do.

12. The Boring Talker Person.

About 74 clips into their Snap story you start to wonder, why am I watching this? Better yet, what is this? What is happening here? This is the most boring thing ever and I need to get out of this terrible Snap story asap.

But you don't follow.

13. The Hot Mess.

I'll own this one, I don't care. I find it oddly freeing to look like a wreck on this app. It's fun for me.

There's a lot of great Snappers I follow, it's just more fun to call out the annoying ones. Who are some of your favorites? One of my favs is Kate Hudson. She's just as wonderful as I hoped she'd be.


  1. Grrrr the boring talker person! I've unfollowed a ton of people who just talked to the camera like it was a damn vlog - and it wasn't done in a funny story or 'character' type way; it was more along the lines of "hey guys, here's what i'm up to today" IN FULL DETAIL. Nope, can't, sorry.

    I think I'm categorized as the "obsessed with Face Swap" person.

    1. hahahaha yes how could i forget this one. but also face swap will NEVER stop being funny to me.

  2. haha YES this is so spot on. I'm the hot mess with a side of blogger and also very weird. nailed this

  3. I follow Kylie and cannot stand it when she does the car singing/staring at herself thing. Yet I still watch. I am so much more likely to snapchat random things I find in my purse or fun new beauty items.

  4. YES!!!! Love this. You know who does #3 allll the time? Kate Hudson. It's really annoying but I. Can't. Stop. Watching. She also sings and finger points.

    P.S. I wrote a post yesterday on people I follow and you're on there!!! BAZING! http://www.thesteezyblog.com/2016/04/11/10-of-my-favorite-snapchats-accounts-to-follow/

  5. I'm all about those Snapchat lenses. Also adding to the list: The Lip-sync Battle Superstar (totes me): This person just snaps themselves lip-syncing to various jams throughout the day. Extra points if they're lip-syncing with Snapchat lenses on.

    Not to brag or anything, but I definitely lip-synced The Circle of Life in full with the lion sense on..

  6. lol these are so true, i'm not sure what category I fall in lol

    Check out my blog! http://lourdeslifebuzz.blogspot.com/

  7. lol these are so true, i'm not sure what category I fall in lol

    Check out my blog! http://lourdeslifebuzz.blogspot.com/

  8. I'm a "This Is Really My Dog's Snapchat", because really. It's all my dog.

  9. I'm totally that annoying blogger gal! I mean, you DON"T want to see my camera and tripod set up against a brick wall? HA. Also, I am highly disturbed by folks that snap and drive. Look at the damn road!

  10. You will not find me on snapchat, I have of course heard of it but it is not something I use

  11. LOL! All these types of Snapchat users are so funny! My colleagues from http://uk.pinkelstar.com/ and me really love to have a minute break at work and laugh reading articles like this one.
    Really great! Thanks a lot!

  12. I don't understand why people don't talk? It's not that scary! I snap my dog way too much but he talks so it's cool.

  13. This is really hilarious! Love it.