48 Hours In Cape Cod and Boston

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Striped Cardigan//  Espadrille Sneakers

What do you do when you basically have only 48 hours to spend in both Cape Cod and Boston?

Find all of the oysters and chowda you can and go to town. And we did just that.

I'd never been to either place before, but consider myself an expert now on both locations so I'll proceed to give you a guide on how to do it right. (Jk.) Well jk about being an expert, but I really will tell you exactly what we did because we packed a lot in and it was an awesome trip- one I'd definitely do again.

First things first. We flew into Boston Thursday night; but due to traffic, construction, and me being afraid to drive in the dark, we didn't actually get to the Cape until well after 1:30 a.m., which was less than enjoyable.

We went straight to our friend's house in Chatham and crashed. It wasn't until I woke up the next day when I was able to see we were staying in the epitome of what I've always imagined gorgeous Cape Cod homes to look like. Weathered grey shingles, brightly colored doors, perfectly aligned windows on each side, it was everything I hoped for and more. I'd visit here again simply to admire the beautiful homes.

Day 1 Plan: Hang out at the Beachcomber- a favorite spot for the locals we were told.

What actually happened: Beachcomber was randomly closed due to a fundraiser, so we drove to Provincetown, instead.

This place was awesome! We had oysters and drinks near the water, walked up and down the quaint little streets, and popped into a few boutique hotels for some chowder. I suggest stopping by The Red Inn.

Before heading back to the Lyons household, we made a pit stop so the guys could get on paddle boards while Hannah and I watched from the comfort of dry land, drinks in hand.

Day 1 evening plan: hang out at the Chatham Squire.

What actually happened: We never actually left the house after dinner because someone fell asleep early (me.) I've told you I'm a 10-hours-of-sleep kinda girl.

Day two went according to plan, for the most part. The guys golfed while Hannah and I walked the main street of Chatham and shopped a bit.

For lunch we had more oysters and chowder (probably the best chowder I've ever had in my life) at The Squire before heading into Boston.

Since we didn't get into the city until around 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, we spent the majority of our time walking around Newbury street before making our way toward Fenway.

I often rank stadiums based on their food and Fenway comes in at number one. I bought a $25 lobster roll that was worth every dollar. I would have taken a photo of said lobster roll to prove just how delicious it was, but I devoured that thing in less than thirty seconds.

And that concludes our 48 hour getaway. I wish we had more time in Boston, but Harlow was calling my name back in Chicago. If only he could travel with us...

Have you ever been to Boston? What should we do on our next trip?


  1. Chatham is one of my favorite places to visit during the summer! Although because its only an hour ish away from me we try to go more towards the end of the season after all the crowds have gone away!

    My suggestion for things to do on your next trip to boston: visit mikes pastry (best cannoli's), go to the boston public market! there are a lot of great local vendors to see, and walk the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway!


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  2. I looove those sneakers!!

    I've always wanted to go to Cape Cod, your pictures make it seem just like I always imagined. Beautiful and relaxing!!

  3. I live in Boston and I'd say you nailed a 48hr visit. The only iconic place you missed was Mikes pastry in the North End. You'll just have to come back!

  4. Never been to Boston, would love to go! Your photos are so beautiful, I'm glad you enjoyed your 48 hours!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  5. Portsmouth NH (only 45 minutes from Boston) is amazing. It is on the water with decks upon decks of bars and restaurants and beaches!

  6. I am a Bostonian that spends her summers on the cape. I would say you did a pretty darn good job with your trip. I am slightly bummed that I didn't run into you in the city as I would have been "wicked" excited after having followed your blog for quite a while. Fenway, of course, IS America's favorite ballpark for a reason! You will absolutely have to come back.

    Any suggestions for my trip to Chicago this summer?

  7. Sounds like a great 48 hours any break away is a good breakaway

  8. Next time hop on a ferry in Hyannis or a plane from Boston or Hyannis and come to Nantucket. It's a dog lovers paradise, the brewery is basically a beer garden with awesome live music and dogs everywhere you turn. Bring Harlowe, dogs can fly on the little teeny tiny propellor plane that takes you here and they're also welcome on the boat. I'm biased because I live there and I'm obsessed with Harlowe.

  9. I've lived in Boston for 8 years and somehow never made it down to P-Town yet!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. Such lovely post! I'd love to visit one day looks so amazing x

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  12. Definitely have to check out Nantucket next time you're there! Such a cute place :) Also, great move getting the lobster roll. It's the best!!