11 Questions Non-Bloggers Often Ask Me

1. So like, how did you start your blog?

I get this one a lot. And sadly my answer isn’t interesting or probably very helpful. It’s simply this: I just did. I googled “start a blog” and blogger.com was the first thing to pull up. Ten minutes later I had a blog.

2. You actually make money blogging? How?

Shocker, I know. But it’s true,  money can be made from blogging. Most of the income I make from blogging comes from advertisers, or marketing companies who work as the middle guy for other businesses seeking advertising. People have figured out that blogging is one of the most quick and direct ways to reach their target consumers. And they’re capitalizing on it.

If you want to read more in-depth posts on making money from blogging check out this one or this one. I’m vague about it because my knowledge is pretty vague unfortunately…

3. So do you make a lot of money?

No. But that also has to do with the fact I’m pretty lazy. I work with very few affiliate agencies and don’t ever seek out any on my own. I know of bloggers who pull in anywhere from 5k-30k in a month. Not even kidding. I need to figure out how to become one of those bloggers.

4. Do you ever feel like a sell-out?

Do you feel like a sell-out for getting paid to do your job?

5. But people really send you stuff for free?

Yes and it’s awesome. A lot of times bloggers get sent stuff for free and then they even get paid to write about that free stuff. Like I said, it’s wonderful.

6. You take a lot of photos of yourself…what’s up with that?

Yes, I know. Thanks for the reminder. Remember what we just talked about with advertisers and free products? We have to photograph what we’re given and then blast those photos all over social media so it gets in front of people like you.

7. What happens if blogging just ends one day?

What happens if your job just ends one day? Let’s be honest, we live in a world of uncertainty. I’m willing to take a gamble on pursuing something I started as a hobby and has luckily turned into a job.

8. Do you ever worry you share too much?

Nope. I’m surprisingly very private about the stuff that should be kept private. Says the blogger…

9. How do you know how to do all that bloggy stuff?

You learn. You read other blogs and watch tutorials and google everything.

10. Do you ever run out of stuff to write about?

Yes. See any posts I’ve written titled “5 Things” or “Currently” or “Got A New Hairuct.”

11. Should I start a blog?

Absolutely. But don’t start it because a. you want to make money or b. you want free stuff. People who start blogs for those reasons never last. Both of those things take a lot of time- they did for me anyway. I know some blogs shoot up over night, but that’s not the norm. Start a blog because you’re passionate about something and the rest will take care of itself.

Or just start a blog for money.

I don’t care. Do what you want. It’s Friday guys, that’s all I really care about.

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