I Just Want To Hang With My Dog

I’m going to be annoying for a second and do a big ol’ brag post. Hope you don’t mind, but it’s coming your way regardless.
I’m going to brag about the fact we’ve almost donated $1000 to help save animals thanks to all of you ordering these shirts.

I honestly can’t put into words how happy this makes me. The best part is that my nights are now spent writing thank-yous and packaging t-shirts rather than perusing sad dog stories online like I used to. And I have to say, it feels a million times better to actually do something for animals rather than just feel bad for them.

The absolute best part is going to Felines and Canines, the shelter where I am currently sending a portion of the t-shirt profits, and getting to see the dogs firsthand that people like you are helping. I thought you might want to see them as well.

The guy in the top left is Alfred. He’s a big dude who just wanted to run. The puppy in the top right is Connor and he’s an absolute nut. I could barely walk him because he just wanted to jump on me the entire time. If he could have crawled up my leg and into my arms he would have.

The little blonde in the bottom left thought I almost forgot her and she wasn’t going to get a walk like the rest of her pals. When I walked into her little area she just rolled right over onto her back and wanted me to scratch her belly the entire time. And Mickey in the bottom right just wanted a casual stroll outside. He’d glance up at me every few steps as if to say “Is this okay? Am I walking okay for you?”

These dogs are great. You’d never tell by looking at them that almost ever single one of them was as sick as a … well dog. They’d all just arrived in Chicago having come from a really overcrowded shelter in the South. When I walked into Felines and Canines last week all I could hear was coughing and wheezing. It broke my heart. But as soon as I got each one outside and into a little fresh air they turned into new pups. It was pretty amazing.

I know the money we’re raising helps these dogs get healthy. It feeds them. It gives them a new toy. A warm bed. I don’t care what specifically it does, I just know it helps them.

I get to see Felines and Canines shelter first hand and it’s a good one. It’s a beautiful facility and they have store rooms full of food and dog toys. They are constantly bringing in dogs from some of the most overpopulated shelters where I can’t believe their situation was that great.

The best part is I know that when I go back next week almost every dog you see above will already be gone. They’ll be in homes with loving families. I don’t know how the people at Felines and Canines do it, but they move animals fast. Their success stories on Facebook are my favorite thing to read.

If you’re in a position where you’re able, donate or volunteer at a local shelter. There can be so much bad stuff in this world, why not put a little good back in every once in awhile.