8 Holiday Stressors

1. Buying Presents. 
Should I have everything bought already? Am I behind? What does everyone want? Is giving alcohol tacky? Why is it so much pressure just to give a damn gift?

2. Wrapping Presents.
But who cares if my corners are crunchy and bunchy, MOM? It’s just how I do things. Because I don’t know how to wrap a gift. I never have. I hate this part. And no, I’m not going to buy expensive bows and floral arrangements to put on top of said gift as extra decoration. Can’t I just wrap it in newspaper jokes like the kids used to do in elementary?

3. Baking beautiful holiday treats.
Everyone else is baking so suddenly I feel the pressure to bake. But I don’t really enjoy baking and I usually throw half the stuff away anyway… so why do I feel this weird pressure to dip pretzel rods in almond bark and cover them with glitter sprinkles, Instagram? WHY?

4. Holiday cards.
I’ve already gotten ten in the mail. Slow down Jenny Go-Getter, you’re making me feel bad. I just can’t seem to find the best photo of my family to send to everyone that captures just how incredibly perfect and flawlessly happy we always are.

5. Finding Harlow the perfect holiday sweater.
I’ve already sent three back. Nothing fits over his massive chest… or ego.

6. Doing all the holiday things to makes sure I’m not missing a moment of holiday fun.
The movies, the music, the ice skating, the hot chocolate, I have to do it all in just 16 days before it’s OVER!!!! Must have holiday fun. Even if it kills me.

7. Going to holiday parties full of people I don’t know.
I don’t get worked up about this, I just don’t enjoy it necessarily. Mostly because I’m terrible and I don’t know how to socialize. Sneaker peaker of tomorrow’s post: How To Do Holiday Parties When You’re An Introvert. spoiler alert: look for dogs.

8. Holiday party outfits. 
Can I just wear the one you see above on repeat? Would anyone mind? Because once you wear a pair of sequin jogger pants it’s really hard to go back to anything else. They’re like sweat pants on the inside, party on the outside. If you’re not a fan of wearing skirts/dresses to winter holiday parties- these are the pants for you. I snagged my first pair from Alice & Wonder.

And the red Pom Pom beanie you see is from there as well. If you want to WIN one just head over to Alice & Wonder and comment below with your favorite item. I’ll announce the winner this week so you’ll have your beanie in time for the holidays!

Happy Monday, holiday folks. Go wrap some gifts and suck on candy canes.