The 20 Week Check Up

“You’re in the honeymoon stage of pregnancy right now,” the doctor said as he rubbed more jelly on my lower belly at last week’s appointment, “enjoy it!”

And all I could think was, what in the hell kind of honeymoon did you go on, sir? Because mine involved a lot more alcohol and a lot less worrying. I did eat copious amounts of food and take several naps, but those are about the only two similarities.

Okay okay, I know it’s just a figure of speech. And for the record the doctor I’ve been seeing at Rocky Mountain OBGYN in Denver is incredible. Every time he lets me hear the heartbeat he acts as if it’s the first baby heart beat he’s heard, as well. “Isn’t that the best sound ever?” He says, “let’s listen a little longer.” He’s so kind and gentle and based on his age I bet he’s been doing this for at least fifty years, yet he treats me and the baby inside of my stomach like we’re his first and most important patients ever. I have such an appreciation for doctors and nurses who make their over-the-top high strung patients feel comfortable. 🙂 So if that’s you, thank you.

Everyone kept telling me the 20 week appointment is “a fun one.” And I should be excited for it, so I was. Chris was also able to come to this one. We sat in the ultrasound room together as the tech took what felt like thousands of photos. She poked on my belly a bit to get the baby to move and I got a little protective and fought the urge to poke her back. Be careful , I wanted to shout, if she doesn’t want to move, don’t make her! God knows I hate moving when I’m in a comfy spot.

Each time a body part was zoomed in on, I held my breath making sure every little organ and limb was developing correctly. It’s crazy to me how it feels damn near impossible to grow a perfectly formed human, yet then I step outside and see them everywhere.

I’m happy to report we’ve got a healthy baby girl growing inside of me. The doctor even said the word perfect several times. (I told you he’s a good one.) She’s got all the fingers and toes and a spine that makes her look like a dinosaur. (I have a long spine, too.) And the nose! We saw the cutest little button nose on her face, which I know is cliche to say, but here I am.

And then last night as we were watching Schitt’s Creek we finally felt her move. It was during the final episode when David marries Patrick, and as Patrick started singing Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby,” she started moving, I kid you not. It was pretty funny and a moment I won’t soon forget.

“I definitely felt a hand!” Chris said as he pressed his own hand to my stomach. Not sure it’s actually possible to know which body part he felt, but I’m not going to be the one to tell him that. You should have seen Chris’s face as he was certain he was high-fiving our baby.

So perhaps as I type this out I guess I understand why this might be considered the honeymoon stage. We’re excited and happy and I only take one nap a day now. Albeit it’s a long nap and I usually wake up groggy and more sick feeling, often with a migraine, but what can you do. It takes work to grow a button nose and a baby who likes to dance to Schitt’s Creek.

Thank you for the continued good vibes and messages. Each one is appreciated! 🙂

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