Happy St. Patricks Day!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The only thing keeping me going right now is Flogging Molly on Pandora,
and a Bloody Mary.
I'm struggling a bit at the moment and the drunkards running around my neighborhood
keep reminding me I need to hurry up and get downtown to see the green river and all that jazz.

So I'm not going to say anymore, instead I'll let Sarah takeover.

When I asked her if we could talk about St. Patricks Day stuff this was her response,
"Well I am a heavy drinker, burn easily,
 and am Irish so I see no reason to object to anything St. Pattys related!"
So yeah, I think you'll like her.

PS- make sure and check out this post before you fill out your March Madness bracket.

1. Describe your blog in three words. 

Funny, Glittery, Supercalifragilisticexpiali-Dope-shit!

2. St. Patricks Day is tomorrow, how do you plan on celebrating?

I heard Snoop Dogg is in Dallas on Saturday. Or Snoop Lion I think it is now? Or Lion Snoop? Or Puff Daddy? Or PDiddy? These kids and their music.
I dunno, maybe go to the Home Depot if there is time. I'm not sure there will be enough time.

3. Have any funny stories from St. Pats of the past?

Whoa! Hard one. Those blackouts really get in the way of great memories. Thankfully, roommates are there to get me through those foggy times.

There was one St. Patty's day where my roommate had a boy over. And by boy I mean he is now a famous professional athlete. No joking with this.
Well, I drank too much and sometimes when that happens I have been known to sleep walk.
Well they are in her room with the door closed doing what college kids do (knitting I'm sure)
And apparently I open the door, walk in and sit on the edge of her bed in silence.
About 5 seconds later (this is a very long time if you are my naked roommate and her professional athlete) I just go, "Hey." Then get up and walk out.
Said pro athlete then turns to my roomie and asks if I do that often. Her reply was of course, NEVER!
Well, I then decided to do it again. Precisely the exact same scenario went down about 5 minutes later, I said "hey," sat there a bit longer, then finally got up and let them have their space.
After all that, he couldn't even get motivated to knit with her anymore.

4. You're a huge sports fan, have you always been this way?

Totally. I grew up playing basketball, softball, tennis, volleyball, beer pong, etc. In 5th grade, I wore the same minor league Richmond Braves Chipper Jones free tshirt with ticket purchase tee to school every single day. I dated a baseball player and didn't have many girlfriends in high school (I wonder why? Surely not the Chipper tshirt?) thus, I was always hanging with dudes, so my motto was if you can't beat em, join em!

Once I got to college I joined a sorority, then lost the Chipper t-shirt (totally kidding I changed out of that days before joining the sorority) On game day, I realized my girlfriends had NO IDEA what was going on during our football games. They just cheered when everyone else cheered. It was when my best friend jumped up and down for a Florida touchdown that I knew I'd have to find new friends err… I mean teach them the rules in ways that not only didn't bore them, but made sense.

5. You have your own design shop, tell us a little about it.

I do! I just moved to Dallas for a job offer I couldn't turn down and I know absolutely no one here. So I have an enormous amount of free time for side projects when I'm not sleep walking, like blog design! It is so fun to me. For my day job, I market to middle aged men who like to hunt and fish -- not a lot of need for glitter in this field but I'm not giving up hope. I use my design studio, Social&Chic, as a release for my glitter obsession!



  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    Love the guest post, I love knitting.

  2. i love her. like in an unhealthy way.
    i think she knows.