10 Of My Greatest Blogging Fails

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh hey guys! Just stopping in from my senior photo sesh to talk about ten of my greatest blogging fails. In no specific order...

#1. Not posting photos for three-ish years. 
If you don't believe me check my archives. I truly did not post one single photo for almost the first three years of my blogging life. Think of all the food/Harlow/model shoots I missed out on! I think I just wanted to keep my identity on the DL, which is ironic considering only friends and family were reading in the beginning. Then again, it probably had more to do with me "butting heads" with my previous boss, check out an old post called "The Devil Wears Kohls" if you'd like to read more about that wonderful woman.

#2. Posting novel-length posts for the first three years.
Again, the proof is in the past. If I didn't write at least six-eight blabbering paragraphs about my day to day activities I didn't think it was worth hitting publish. 

#3. That one time I tried to start a really bad link-up and no one joined. 
It was awful. I definitely had the "I'm having a birthday party and no one is coming" feeling. But looking back, I think I'm comfortable enough to share it now. It's just too good not to. It was called the "Wait, is this bad?" link-up, and the button looked like this: 

And then I posted things like, "I like to drink the bottom of my Dorito bag," is this bad? Told you it was awful.

#4. When I tried to design my own page.
And I thought it was super fancy because it had one main photo that stayed on the homepage for ever and ever and that was it. I still never forget the excitement when I discovered I could cross out words like this -->  I'm an idiot. You've probably noticed I still enjoy doing this. It's the little things when you are as graphically-design-challenged as I am. (see photo above.)

#5. When I used to think anyone who left a comment was making fun of me.
When you blog for three years and your main readers aren't bloggers themselves, you don't exactly get a lot of comments. So when I first started getting comments from {GASP} people I didn't know I was certain they were just being sarcastic and making fun of my blog with all of the "great post!" and "just found your blog, it's so enjoyable" comments. You aren't though, right?

#6. Thanks to #5, I didn't respond to comments for the longest time.
Mostly because A. They didn't come through to my email so I didn't even see them coming in until my mom would call and tell me "you just got a comment!" And B. I just didn't get it.

#7. That time I got way too excited to start having sponsors and posted a new guest post every other day.
Finding a happy medium in the beginning is hard. I do apologize for that time.

#8. When I got kicked out of a bar in Lincoln and threatened to "ruin their reputation" by blogging about it. I also may have threatened to burn it down. But really, of all things I was going to "blog about it?" You know, because so many people take bloggers seriously and all. In my defense however, I was just a child then and it was after football game... And thus I didn't return to Lincoln for roughly ten months after that incident. 

#9. When I accidentally care too much about this little page.
Don't get me wrong, I care a lot about this little blog of mine. But every once in a while I'll accidentally get a little too involved with the whole blogging world and that's when I remind myself to chill out, it's just an online diary. I'm not trying to "lessen" blogging by saying that, just lessen my blogging is all. While I'm a huge fan of the online world, I'm an even bigger fan of the real world and that's where my priorities lie. Unless I'm hungover, bored, or distracted....

#10. When I let the fun slip away.
Usually because of #9, but also because of pride, embarrassment, fear, humility, and a slew of other 
Dr. Phil-esque words. I sometimes forget that I chose to start this blog, and I choose to continue it. Because I guess I kind of enjoy doing it. 

Boom. And that's my Tuesday tid-bit. 



  1. #9 has lead to #10 for me lately. I need to put things into perspective! Real life > internet life! I still have no clue how to Juggle #7...... I need some tips to remedy these blogger problems!

  2. #11 - that time you referenced a post called "The Devil Wears Kohls" and didn't link it. because now I'm all interested & can't find it.

  3. I hope you got kicked out of Brother's.

  4. Haha totally loved reading this and I'm not being sarcastic I promise!

  5. i think you should totally bring the wait, is this bad? link up back. also drinking the end of a chip bag, not a bad thing if you were still undecided on it.

  6. It's funny how much we learn about blogging through trial and error (and watching what those big successful bloggers do), right? I, too, made the mistake of not posting photos of myself and writing long, long, LONG posts in the beginning. But, like you kept yours on your blog, I think those early posts prove how much of a journey even something like blogging is.

    LOVE your blogging posts, girl! And I'm not kidding on that one. :)

  7. This is great (really, no sarcasm) and I totally agree about being so wrapped up in blogging that you kinda forget to actually live. It can be hard to find a balance.

  8. I adore this post ... and also I agree with Melissa who added #11 ... I searched every which way for this "The Devil Wears Kohls" post and cannot fins it!!! DO SHARE my friend DO SHARE!!! xoxo

  9. great post! (seriously) I might have to spend some time going through your archives now!

  10. I love this post! Also, where is that post about your boss? I really want to read it!

  11. I can not tell you the number of times I have re-designed my blog. It is never ending! Balancing between reading everyone's blogs, writing my own, taking pictures of everything is overwhelming. Learning to manage it all is hard, perspective is so true!

  12. That link up sounds amazing...bahah, I would've used it to post horribly embarrassing facts about myself.

    ... I eat marshmallow fluff straight from the jar.... wait? Is that bad?! ;)

  13. haha threatening the bar is hilarious. Too funny! Have a good week!!

  14. I've tried to design my page several times. It turned out awful every time and I changed it basically every day. And I think everyone gets super excited to start having sponsors at first. Can't blame ya for that one.

  15. haha. That is so true. I think everyone that starts a blog. Ah, blog lessons.

  16. "I'm going to blog about this!"... Hahahah.

  17. HAHAHAHA #8 made me laugh out loud so hard. I have done something similar and was so embarrassed the next day when someone told me what I said. OOPS.

  18. Please re-try a link up! Awkward blogger photos, wait is this bad?, I'm sure you have plenty more ideas!

  19. Please re-launch your linkup and use #8 (kicked out of a bar, blogging about it) as your first topic.

  20. You had me laughing with this list Taylor!! I tried finding "The Devil Wears Kohls" as I have a Devil-Boss myself and misery loves company... but can't seem to track it down - can you send me the link?

  21. Just curious, was it Brothers that you were kicked out of? I despise that bar... :)

  22. This was perfect! I needed to read these today. Too bad you're in Texas for work and no play :-(

  23. Ha, so I'm actually backreading through your archives... somewhere in August 2012 right now - it's so funny reading older posts and seeing how far you've come, and also how some things stay the same or how things become more different!

  24. Yes to #9 and #10. It actually makes me feel better to hear from someone else that this has been an issue. All too often bloggers make it look so easy and effortless, so hearing that others let it get to them makes me feel better. I really appreciate your healthy perspective and your honesty!
    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  25. I need to decide if I want to keep my blog DIY or whether I want to fork out and have it designed. I am holding back as I don't think I have enough readers to make it worth it. But then I guess I need to take some pride in my blog!
    Thanks for this post, nice to know I am not alone in all my mistakes!

  26. I got so excited about your "The Devil Wears Kohls" blog post and couldn't find it. :( Although I did find "Still pursuing that happiness" which mentions the screenplay you will one day write about your old boss. Guess I will have to wait until the movie comes out to hear the full story.


  27. I think most bloggers look back and think they made some blunders, I am not saying I was one of them because I have a selective memory with these things so if I did I have wiped it from my memory so it didn't happen...........just saying..........

  28. I love this post and what great advice/reflecting! :)
    I couldn't find 'The Devil Wears Kohls' post either.. sadly

  29. Proudly accomplishing most of these blogging fails on a weekly basis! See my novel-long post about why I blog :-P

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  38. You posted this as a throwback, and I seem to have quite a few of these fails on my blog.

    I just thought I should leave a real comment to block out some of the Asiabot spammers above me.

    I almost always respond to comments, and prefer if they might be a conversation starter.

  39. You posted this as a throwback, and I seem to have quite a few of these fails on my blog.

    I just thought I should leave a real comment to block out some of the Asiabot spammers above me.

    I almost always respond to comments, and prefer if they might be a conversation starter.