The Day My Apartment Got "Scouted"

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

guess this iconic apartment set...

You may or may not have noticed I'm typically a morning-post kinda gal. So this whole "posting blogs" at 4:00 p.m. this entire week is really throwing me off. You'll have to excuse me, I've been kind of busy actually "working." And it sucks.

But let's move on to more important things, like the fact just an hour I was hiding under my table because I thought Jenny Jehovah Witness was knocking at my door again and I didn't want her to know I was home. I should clarify and let you know that when I sit at my front table by the window, Jehovah Witnesses can definitely look in and see me ignoring them, thus the reason I was hiding under my table. And it's pretty much a life rule of mine that I won't open my door to strangers. It doesn't help the fact I've been feeding a homeless lady lately, even though my parents taught me when I was young I shouldn't do this because we all know "once you start feeding a stray, it won't ever go away..." The last stray I fed was a cat named Chula who gave me ringworm (allegedly) and yet I still didn't learn my lesson! Anyway,  apparently the saucer of milk and cat food I've been leaving out for Homeless Sherry hasn't been enough lately because she's been creeping closer and closer to my house, she's harmless I'm sure, but just to be safe I don't answer my door to strangers.

Back to my story though, when I peaked my head up to see if the mysterious doorbell ringer was gone, I saw she was now taking photos of my house and front yard. At this point I decided to walk outside and offer a cordial "can I help you?" And why the hell are you photographing my place?

Turns out her name was Lisa and she's a "set scout" for ABC. Lisa liked our apartment and neighborhood and asked if we'd consider letting them use it as a location for a new television series being shot in Chicago. Reason #85 I love living in Chicago, you never know when someone is going to ring your doorbell and ask if they can use your apartment as a "set location." Naturally I let Lisa come right on in. I gave her a tour of the place and we chatted for a bit about "the biz" but of course Harlow had to be the spotlight of it all. I kid you not, in the short five minutes Lisa was here Harlow presented her with at least twelve different toys. "Like my rope?" "Look at my bone!" "Have you seen a Kong before?" "Look at this shoe!" "Lisa, grab this rubber duck!" Want to see my leash?" "Want to see how I can jump on the couch?" The list goes on but I think you get the point. By the end of it, Lisa jokingly asked if Harlow could be considered for the role of the dog for the series. I "jokingly" said of course.

Moral of the story- always make your bed. You guys, I am super anal about making my bed. I do it everyday. But the ONE day I didn't do it because I was running behind when I left for an appointment this morning, is the day a scout from ABC came into my house and asked to look around. I'll keep you updated if Lisa calls back...

And on that note, I need to go make my bed. So I'm going to leave you with a fellow Chicago blogger/writer by the name of Rachel from Raves and Revelations. When you head over to her page I recommend starting with this post.

Rachel is a wonderful writer (check out her advice below, I wrote it down to stick above my desk actually) and she has an incredible blog that you should all be reading if you're not already. (Make sure you check out her hilarious bachelorette recaps as well!)

What do you love most about Chicago in the summer?
What's not to love? Beer gardens, street festivals, concerts, al fresco dining, beer gardens, sunshine, the beach, boating (still looking for friends in Chicago with a boat, by the way). Did I mention beer gardens?

What do you recommend for people to do who are just visiting the city?
I not-so-secretly love the touristy stuff in the city—most of it anyway. My personal faves are architectural boat tours (I go on these all the time, even as a resident!), Cubs games and Navy Pier. Definitely check out Sears Tower (don't call it Willis Tower, either, no one else does) and the glass skydeck. (I can't vouch for this one—you couldn't pay me to go on that).

And EAT while you're here! Chicago has amazing food, from pizza to steak to burgers. Downtown has super nice, trendy places, but all of my favorite restaurants are hidden in neighborhoods throughout the city. Half Shell in Lakeview has the best (and cheapest) crab legs in the city, Bad Apple in Lincoln Square has phenomenal burgers, and Volo in Roscoe Village is the cutest wine bar ever. 

What I would NOT recommend doing is canoeing down the river with your significant other. It's grounds for D, as in, divorce.

Favorite summer meal?
Typically, I like to eat light in the summer, but I also love anything associated with grilling. I'm always happy with a cheeseburger, potato salad and fresh fruit. And a glass of champs, of course. So much for eating light. 

If you had one day to do anything you want, what would you do?
Let's assume that on this one this day, I had super powers, such as time travel. There's little I love more in the world than traveling, so I'd hop around the world to all my favorite places, and all the places I want to go: Bora Bora, Australia, Curacao, South America, Spain, many hours exist in said day?

If I have to be realistic about this one day, I would be on a lake. I can be on the dock or in a boat. I only require that the sun is shining, I have a beer in my hand, and I'm surrounded by friends and family. This is my happy place.

What's one favorite summer memory from your childhood?
I have family who lives up in Lake Okoboji (in Iowa) and every summer, my parents, sisters and I went there for the 4th of July. We'd spend the week tubing, water skiing, putt-putt golfing, going to the amusement park...and as we got older, we spent many days at bars on the lake. 

If I have to pick one memory, it's taking the boat out on the 4th, anchoring up in the middle of lake and watching fireworks overhead. (See earlier reference to "happy place.")

Let's talk about your blog for a second...

What inspired you to start blogging?
First and foremost, I love writing. It's my passion. I do it for a living, and I do it for fun. Call me crazy. My dream of all dreams is to be an author, so I started my blog in hopes to spark the process of starting my first book. Think Jen Lancaster: She's my author idol. 

My friends and family have always said that I have the best stories, mainly because I've had a lot of crazy things happen to me in my short 29 years. These include, but aren't limited to: losing my engagement ring in a bar (and finding it), being in a coma, having a rib removed, breaking my nose in a cab accident, piercing my own nose and tongue, marrying my high school sweetheart, getting 6 underage drinking tickets, and my dad marrying my sister's husband's mom. I figured a blog would be the perfect place to write said stories down. I haven't even scratched the surface with sharing my tales of truth, so stay tuned.

What keeps you blogging?
I just love being able to write for myself. Not for my job—just for me, and the people who like reading what I've got to say. I've been making excuses for years about why I haven't started my book, or why I hadn't been blogging. After reading one of Jen Lancaster's books, I went to her website to write an email to get advice about becoming a writer, and this is what I found in her FAQ section:

Do you have advice for someone who hopes to be a writer?
If you want to be a writer, write. There's no secret formula or hidden cheat. Just write. Write all the time, not because you have to, but because your world simply won't make sense if you don't...(P.S. If you go around saying you'd love to write but you can't find the time, then you're not ready to be a writer.)  

It was that last line that really got to me. That day, I wrote my first blog post and then let everyone know I had a blog to keep myself accountable. This a long way of saying, I keep blogging because I love it. My world doesn't make sense if I don't. And if others love reading it, even better.

What do you find most challenging?
A couple of things: Finding the time to write gets challenging, especially because I have a full-time job where I spend much of my time writing/sitting at the computer. To get home and do it all again is something I struggle with. I also feel like I try too hard sometimes. I see other awesome bloggers out there that I admire, and I see what they're writing, and immediately, I start to compare myself to them, or feel like I could never be that funny, that honest, that [fill in the blank]. I just gotta remember to keep everything in perspective.  

Most rewarding?
I love the comments I get from people I've never met before. It's validating to have someone other than your mom or best friend tell you that you're funny, or a good writer, or that they enjoy what I'm writing. It's validation and praise, and we all like that from time to time!



  1. I never make my bed because I suck at life. I know. But I really feel like you're leaving me hanging here. What happened?! Did Harlow get the gig?

  2. That's so cool!! My only question is...where would you live if they chose your place?? Ideally, a 5 star hotel!! I NEVER make the bed!! We used to but then after a while it started to feel pointless since I get out of bed come home between 530-7 and then get right back in it not too long after. So far I haven't been burned by this terribly careless housekeeping decision....but like you said. You never know who could be knocking on your door.

  3. Lisa is going to call back for Harlow's big break! And I am so bad at making my bed in the morning, but I cannot sleep unless my bed is made. So I kid you not I will make my bed just to get in it to sleep!!!!

  4. that is awesome! Let us know what comes of this opportunity! So cool.

  5. My fiance is SO anal about making the bed. I remember the first night I stayed with him and left early the next morning, hungover. That night when I came back over he mentioned, you could have at least made the bed. Say what? Sheesh! I don't use a top sheet, only a thin down comforter so you just fluff that big guy and viola- it's made. I love Rachel (except she never posted about the award I gave her .. her blog is great!!
    I'm glad you weren't robbed at gun point!! Congrats on the cool news!

  6. I always make my bed as well so glad to know it might actually come in handy one day! :)
    Hopefully your apt gets the gig!

  7. I never make my bed unless my parents are coming, but that is so cool that your apartment got scouted! Also, Rachel sounds great! I am going to have to check out her blog.

  8. Dane is so damn anal about making the bed and I'm always like..BUT WHAT IF I WANT TO TAKE A NAP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! Lesson learned.

  9. I never knew there was such a thing as a scout like that. That would be awesome if you got to do it!


  10. The iconic apartment is is...FRIENDS!! easy.
    That would be so cool if they picked yours!

  11. That is so awesome! I wish someone would scout my house! Unfortunately I live in a little podunk town that no cool person every comes to ha ha.

  12. i hope they use your place! i started feeding a homeless guy named bob for awhile when i was a is never a good idea ;)

  13. Well hey, I guess the next best thing to being a reality star is to have your apartment star in an ABC show! Keep us updated :)

  14. That is so awesome that your apartment got scouted! That sounds so awesome! I *hate* leaving my bed unmade too and it seems when I do leave it unmade stuff happens like unexpected company or something.


    Danielle Faith

  15. Eeeeeeeeek, how frikken exciting Taylor!!! And of course Harlow will get the part too...
    That last picture - too funny!!

  16. This is so stinking cool. What are the chances? Har's gonna be a star!

  17. HArlow should totally be in a sitcom. Come on!

  18. I'm double commenting today...sorrry.

    When Harlow gets super famous can Floyd be his manager?

  19. Duh. Set of friends.

    I would DIE if you got chosen. How cool would that be?! Of course Harlow would try to steal the show ;)

  20. That's amazing!!! How could would that be if your apartment became the next Friends apartment? Haha

  21. ooh! tell us if it happens - i will be so thrilled to hear!
    kw ladies in navy

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