A Camp Letter From Harlow

I usually never click “play” when songs are on blogs, but trust me, this one really adds something.
Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! by Allan Sherman on Grooveshark

(The war would be referring to the fireworks currently going on at the lake. The poor boy hates them.)

As of tomorrow it’s officially been two weeks since Harlow’s been away at “summer camp.”
I am dying here, I miss my buddy so much.
Harlow’s summer camp includes staying at Chris’s parents’ cabin in Nebraska where
he can chase deer freely, fish as he pleases, and roll in the sand as much as his heart desires.

He’s basically living in dog heaven right now and I get that, but still…
it doesn’t stop me from missing him.
So if you’re not in the mood for a dog-loving post today I suggest you click away now because I’m about to lay it on you.

5 Things I Miss About Harlow
(besides just everything)

1. I miss him greeting me at the door.
Do you know how lonely it is to come home to a house without a dog? It’s awful.
It doesn’t matter if I’ve been gone five minutes or five hours, Harlow treats my homecoming like it’s the best thing ever, every single time. I’m talking tail wagging, tongue licking,
he can barely contain his excitement he’s so happy to see me, and it’s just the best.
And now it’s just sad.

2. I miss my cleaning buddy.
I hate that now when I drop food on the floor I actually have to pick it back up.
And these past few weeks have made me realize I drop a lot of food.
A Dorito will accidentally land on the floor and I just instinctively tap it with my foot only to remember Harlow is not around to help me out.

3. I miss my shopping partner.
Chicago is a city where dogs are not only allowed places, they are truly welcome.
On any given day Har and I will run numerous errands together. When Chris walks with us down Clark street he can tell which stores are Harlow’s favorites because he always tries to nudge his way in the door. This can include but is not limited to Urban Outfitters, Akira, Home Depot or a cute little asian plant store where they give Harlow more than a few treats.

4. I miss his wiggle dance.
Harlow doesn’t just wag his tail, he full on wiggles, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

5. I miss the way Harlow greets Chris at the door.
All I have to say is “Chris is coming” and Harlow immediately drops whatever he is doing
(usually chewing a bone or chewing a shoe)
and he immediately runs to the window and looks for Chris. And he will sit and wait there until he comes home.

I just really miss my pal. Two more days…. Just two more days.