A Holiday Decorated Apartment

Little Tree made her appearance over the weekend. We’re going on five years together now. And because I’m a bit sentimental when it comes to anything Christmas related, every time I take her out of the box I can’t help but think about how much has changed from one year to the next.
I wish I had some great story about how I got Tree from a cute little pop-up tree shop on a Chicago corner and that I carried her home on my back for six blocks. But the fact is she’s from a Walmart in Topeka, Kansas. Oh Topeka, how I don’t miss you.
We’ve carried this little tree of ours from Kansas to Illinois to Nebraska back to Illinois and back to Nebraska again and again. (Due to lack of storage in Chicago, Tree spends her off-time in Nebraska.)
Each time we take her out of her box she looks a little older. (She probably thinks the same of us.) Her faux pine needles are becoming more scarce and her fake tree limbs seem to hang lower and less sturdy. But now matter how weak she gets, she still holds some of my favorite memories.
To read my completely sappy post about my love for my fake Walmart tree click here. Or else we can just a gander at a few of the decorations that have popped up around our apartment.

I’m such a sucker for the holidays.

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