My Cyber Monday Deals In T-Shirt Town

Hello, it’s me! I’m back. Are you back? Good.

It’s rainy and cold in Chicago and if I don’t keep myself on task today I end up just staring out my window for hours at a time.

A huge part of my wants to just ramble on about vacation last week. On the five hour plane ride back I was caught in the middle of an extended family of 35+ people on their way home from 6 days together in one house. Boy, was that a treat.

I will say this, in Paul’s defense (the man I was sitting next to, God Bless him) he really hasn’t been treated well by the brothers since the four wheeler accident of ’93. It was an ACCIDENT. Typical Tom not to get that.

And last thing I’ll say about Melissa, is that she really should have told the family they were going to have to help pay for water before the trip. It’s fine they all had to chip in, but they would have liked to have known before the fact, you know? But of course Melissa doesn’t know anything about budgeting, she has a house in Cabo for God’s sake.

And Paul didn’t even use the pool!

More to come on that, I spent five hours with the fam, how could I not retell the tales here? Family dynamics are fun.

But the other part of me, the blogger part, the business owner, knows I have to at least mention a few Cyber Monday deals. Just a few.

Below are some of my favs. I haven’t done any shopping until today. But today I am going to town. *and by town I mean not leaving my couch. 

First are foremost, a shoutout to my own store. For the very first time I’m doing a sale and it makes me so excited and nervous. I imagine all small business owners feel this way. Our margins are low so we can’t do what the big guys do, but darn it we try.

Start here with the code ONETIMEONLY

Or head to nebrowse with code talkherbietome_holiday

Might I also suggest… Slippers for 40% off from Nordstrom and J Crew.

And Hunter Boots


30% off ALL at Tory Burch.

Get a FREE pair of studs with every order from Hey June– her earrings are my favs and are SO affordable ($8-$10) they make great stocking stuffers!

Up to 50% from West Elm.

20% off ALL from Alice&Wonder (wearing the new holiday line in top photo.)

20% off EVERYTHING from Minted. Holiday cards, prints, wall decor, you name it! We just hung our new prints last night and then I took this pic on my iphone 30 seconds ago… so ignore the poor quality.

The “gallery wall” is a work in progress obviously (aren’t they always?)…  But I LOVE the typewriter and skyline print so much, this terrible pic doesn’t even begin to do them justice.

Gifts under $50 from Nordstrom.

30% off EVERYTHING from Asos.

20% off All from Anthropology.

50% off Everything from Old Navy. Like this vest and sweater!

And of course, my go-to for everything, AMAZON! 

You get the point, people are giving away the farm today.

When you’re done shopping come back for more Paul and Melissa gossip. You’ll never guess who switched seats at the end of the flight. DRAMAAAA.