The Workout That Changed My Thoughts On Working Out

Here we go. My first attempt at a workout post. I posed by a wall at my pilates studio so at this point it has to happen.

Let me start by saying that I spent the first 18 years of my life playing every sport possible. Basketball, track, soccer, volleyball, softball, I dabbled in all of them. I wasn’t necessary the “most coordinated” in any, but damn it I had a ton of heart (and energy) and ran like a maniac in all.

As a kid my idea of fun was setting up obstacle courses for myself; you know the basic stuff like running suicides, doing pushups, sit-up competitions, the normal “fun” kid stuff.

After I graduated high school I stopped playing sports when UCONN didn’t recruit me and I lost a lot of muscle. Like any 18 year old girl I was excited at first thinking, wow I just lost ten pounds by doing absolutely nothing! 

And then I realized I lost all of my tone. For the next ten years I struggled to find any type of workout I enjoyed. I’ve left more classes half way through than I can count. Cycling, barre, aerobics, you name it and I’ve left thirty minutes in because I couldn’t handle it. It’s not that it was too hard, I was just bored AF and a minute felt like an hour.

But then two years ago I tried a session at Pilates ProWorks on a whim because I had a week of free classes anywhere in Chicago thanks to ClassPass. #bloggerperk

My first class was so hard and unlike any workout I had done before I left really pissed off. Like, I was irrationally upset looking back. All of the other women in class had these long lean muscles and made it look so effortless, so naturally I felt like a total loser.

And so I went back. Mostly because I was mad it was so hard for me, but also because I wanted that long lean body.

Two years later I am mildly obsessed with pilates. And I NEVER thought I’d be that person who says they’re “mildly obsessed” with any workout. Before my wedding I was going 5-6 times a week, now that it’s winter and I’m a little lazy I only go about 3 times a week.

But my body craves it (ugh, I just naturally wrote that line, who am I?!?!) But it’s true. And honestly, my mind craves it too. Again, WHO AM I?

There is so much focus and balance that goes into the movements on a reformer board that I spend the entire class saying, “you got this” and “fight harder” and “DON’T QUIT” over and over in my head that when I come out of class I feel like I can do anything.

Are you cheesed out yet? Good, me too.

When I used to do other group classes (the few times that I did) I would play the clock game and see how long I could go without looking at it. If I could go ten minutes it was a miracle. In pilates I often make it to the very end of class and wonder how it went so fast. You’re probably like, no way now you’re lying. But I’m not! Trust me, it blows my mind too.

Every single day the class is different and just when I think I’ve tried every move the instructors toss five new ones my way. It’s a total mind game and I absolutely love the challenge of it. I don’t even quite know how to explain what we actually do in pilates, all that I know is that it continues to hurt in a really good way.

And yes, I won’t deny I love the results I’ve seen. I just really love feeling strong. And smiling like a ham while I’m side planking…

And it’s worth noting I no longer hunch over like an insecure teenager when I walk, stand, or sit. I didn’t even realize my posture was improving until I find myself just naturally sitting straight up all of the time now.

It truly is a mind/body/soul workout. I’ve only tried out one studio in Chicago and it’s Pilates ProWorks, I’ve never gone anywhere else because this place is awesome. The staff, the studio, the music, I love it all.

And this has been a paid post by Joseph Pilates. I’m kidding. I wrote this to let anyone else who has ever left a workout class early know that maybe there’s hope after all, you just have to find that one workout you enjoy. Easier said than done, I know…

Or just walk your dog fives times a day. I think that helps too.

That’s all for today, I may follow up with a “what I eat” post next week. We shall see… Hint: it’s mostly beans, cereal and wine.

Have a good weekend. I’m going to try extra hard to be kinder, honk lees when I drive, be more patient, I think we all know the world needs it right now.

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