10 Ways To Calm Your Dog During Fireworks

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I love the 4th of July, but I hate fireworks.

I love: lake parties, time with family and friends, 4th of July snack food, all of that good stuff that goes along with this time of year. And I used to like fireworks (as a kid from the Midwest you have to like fireworks. It’s law.) But then Harlow came into my life and everything changed.

Harlow’s fear of fireworks only seems get worse year after year, which in turn makes my stress over seeing him so upset, only get worse and worse. And so I’ve tried (and will continue to try) everything I can find to make this holiday a little less awful for him.

That being said, here’s a few of the things I’ve used over the years. (But before you give anything to your dog it’s always best to speak with your vet first.)

1.  CBD.
We started using CBD for Har’s joints when the vet noticed early arthritis, but it also has a nice the calming effect, as well. 🙂 We’ll be traveling with several bottles of this over the 4th when the boomers get extra bad. It’s bacon flavored and we sprinkle a few drops on Har’s food or treats and he loves it. Use code HARLOW for 25% off if you’d like to give it a try.

2.  Benadryl.
I give Harlow one and a half and it makes him sleepy/calm. I’ve typically done this around 9 p.m. during firework season when it’s “bedtime” anyway. This is also around the time when the loud fireworks are the worst. (Our vet said Benadryl is completely okay to give in small doses.)

The only downfall is it makes Harlow snore ten times louder than usual. And fart in his sleep. TMI? Sorry, I just wanted to warn you.

3. Heavenly Hounds Treats.
We started giving these calming treats to Har this past year to help with his fear of instant-pots, the stove, (cooking in general) car rides, thunderstorms… etc. The list goes on and on, truly. And they really seemed to help him. We’d give him a half or the full thing depending on his mood.

4. Call your vet and ask what anxiety meds they’d suggest for your pup.
I used to do this every year the week before the 4th.

5. Thunder Shirt.

This one helps Harlow a lot (especially as he gets older.) I put it on him at the first sound of fireworks (which at the lake can be as early as 9:00 a.m. thanks to annoying neighbors…)

Click here for Thunder shirt.

6. Make their safe place, a cozy place.

When Harlow wants to hide in the bathroom, or under the bed, I let him. I also make sure there are tons of comfy blankets, pillows, and some sort of sound machine in there, as well.  Leave the TV on, or leave your phone in there with music or a sound app playing.

7. Calming lavender oil.
I read about this in a crazy dog group I’m in on Facebook (and totally love because everyone else in it is as crazy as me.) You’re supposed to rub it behind your dog’s ears and I also put it on the scent patch on his Thunder Shirt.

You can find it on amazon or at your local drug store.

In all honesty I think this one is more for the humans than the dogs, because after I put it on him I always feel pretty damn calm.

8. If you stay inside with your pup try a pet calming lavender candle.

(But never leave your pup unattended with a candle burning, obviously.)

9. Treats.
Lots and lots of treats.

I always tend to overcompensate for Harlow’s fear by giving him snacks on snacks on snacks. (This one hasn’t been vet approved, but… it does work a little.)

10. And when all else fails, cuddle.
I’ve read articles that say you shouldn’t “coddle” your dog too much when they’re scared because that reinforces their fear. But I coddle the hell out of Harlow on a normal day, so I think it would worry him if he wasn’t treated like a baby.

And most importantly, don’t forget to keep a collar on your dog. This is the number one time when pets get nervous and will suddenly take off. 🙁 Even if your dog “never runs away,” the 4th of July is always an exception. Don’t let your pup be the one one that slips away.

Stay strong, animal parents. We’ll get through this firework season!

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