Six Movies I Watch Every Fall

After four full days of having a lot of friends and family in town (and perhaps enjoying one too many cocktails) I am taking it easy on myself today. I’ve hit my socialization quota for the month and I am exhausted. I need at least ten solid days of alone time to feel like a human again. (Praying Harlow takes it easy on me, as well.) Although seeing how he just literally got up from the couch to go mean-mug a squirrel in the tree outside the window, I know I’ve only got about twenty minutes before he’s yelling at me for another walk…

Plan for the day:

  1. Complete busy work from couch while staying in pjs.
  2. Find some motivation around noon to head to the store to buy chili ingredients.
  3. Make said chili. We still use our 1998 crockpot that looks like it killed Jack Pearson… I’ve been thinking about buying the Instant Pot everyone seems to go nuts about, but all of the buttons intimidate me. Is it worth it? Someone tell me! *affiliate links used.
  4. Enjoy chili, work some more, watch a fall movie.

Which brings me to the post I just now decided to write, MY FAVORITE FALL MOVIES! 

  1. Skeleton Twins.

This movie is so funny and sad and dark and I could watch it over and over and the ending still makes my stomach drop. Oh how I love Kristen Wiig and Bid Hader in anything together. You must watch this if you haven’t already, it might be in my top ten favorites of ALL TIME (not just fall! #bigdeal.)

    2. Mystic Pizza.

Set in Mystic, Connecticut in the late 80s, this movie is very cliche and corny and basically everything wonderful/terrible about movies from this time. And I love it. It’s a great background movie 🙂

    3. Stepmom.

Ten years later, Julia has moved on from pizza to photography. Remember when all movies had the two minute sing-along/dance-on-the-bed scene? I think we should go back to that. I put “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” on every burned CD for the next five years thanks to this flick. And when Isabel photoshopped in the old man carrying fruit into the fancy ad she was shooting? Mind. Blown. So this is the future, huh?!

      4. When Harry Met Sally.

I watch this move for three reasons: Meg Ryan, her chunky sweaters and blazers, and New York in the fall.

     5. Dead Poets Society.

Because it’s the best and I get choked up just thinking about this movie.

    6. Hocus Pocus.

Did you really think I was going to make this list and NOT mention this movie? It would be like making a Christmas movie list and leaving out Home Alone.

I’m sure I’m leaving out a lot, but these are always that first that come to mind (and the first I watch every season.) What are your favorites?

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