Vibe. High.

Vibe high(er) has been my mantra this week. Every time something crappy happens I take a breath, remind myself to chill out, and VIBE HIGH. I truly believe that the vibes we put out are the vibes we get back. When you’re feeling good, good stuff happens. When you’re feeling shitty, shitty stuff happens.

So did it bother me when my new TWS holiday items were stolen or “misplaced” from my doorstep yesterday? NO. NOT AT ALL. That person probably just really wanted new Christmas sweatshirts. Who can blame them? They’re very cute. Hopefully I’ll get to share them with you some day…


Then there’s the book stuff. I’ve had some interested literary agents- a few I’ve been really excited about, actually. The responses came fast and were positive and I found myself growing arrogant thinking, “Look at me go! I’m going to be that person who DOES publish their first novel in no time at all. Imagine that! Everyone look how wonderful I am!”

And then came the rejections. One, then another, then another, and the agent I felt was the most interested read my entire manuscript and responded, “You’re a terrific writer, but I realized this story is very similar to another author I’m already representing.” So that was a BUMMER. There is another me out there, who has already written my book, apparently.


When you feel down, you attract down. But man, I have been struggling this week. It’s felt like every corner I’ve turned lately I’ve been smacked with a, “you’re not good enough,” reminder in all facets of my business and life. Guess who is doing better? Everyone! Even as I type this it feels so whiny and annoying which only adds to my WOW I’M SUCKING feelings.


Easier said than done sometimes… All of my self help books and podcasts remind me that when you’re feeling low, you just have to get yourself back in flow- back into alignment. For me this means writing (hi, that’s why I’m here now) it could also mean lighting a good candle, making a list of things I love/ am grateful for, and probably pouring a nice glass of wine.

It’s not quite 5:00 yet, but when it is I will have that damn wine. And then I’ll put on a movie, cuddle up with Har, and start my Christmas lists. If I’m feeling ambitious it may even turn into a blog post.

Now good day and good night. This week has been long, but we’re nearing the end. I’ll send you good vibes if you send me some.

XOXO Whiny Girl


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