15 Favorite Amazon Purchases For The Home

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The baby Fig– (as seen above) and still going strong 1+ year later.

Baskets (for all of your new figs.)

The rug seen above. Great if you have pets or kids. 🙂

Circular marble coffee table similar to the same we have.

Mid century floor lamp– which I guarantee will be easier to assemble that the one you see in my pic.

Capri Blue diffuser– I used to buy this at anthro until I found it here. Works wonders in a bathroom! (I buy this in bulk.)

Satin pillow cases– because once my hair started to break (or fall out whatever) I was willing to do anything to keep what I had healthy. So far so good- just check out the reviews!

These sheets have 75,000+ reviews so I just ordered some for our guest room. I guess I’ll find out what the hype is about!

Vintage style glass jewelry box. I have it on our dresser now and wanted a similar one from more an expensive store for forever and was more than delighted to find it on Amazon.

Same with these mirrored decorative trays.

This Essential oil diffuser I just ordered. I’ve heard animals can have mixed reactions to essential oils, so I plan to play it safe with lavender.

For The Kitchen:

pic taken from amazon, I’ll share ours on instagram tonight. 🙂

We have this rug in our kitchen right now and for how much we spill on it, it’s held up pretty nice!

This $14 coffee bean grinder– a lot more economical than the $250 coffee maker I (almost) wanted for Christmas.

New food containers– for anyone else married to a Type A person (hint: it’s Chris, not me.)

Knife sharpener (this was randomly a hit at Christmas.)

THAT’S IT (for now!) Bye!

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