Ten Random Facts About Me

In an effort to break through the blogging rut I’ve fallen into as of late, I’m going to write this very basic thing called, “Ten Random Facts About Me,” a post you’d expect to find in a ten year old’s notebook, but is in fact written by me. Please enjoy!

  1. I have a lower back tattoo– oh wait, you already know this about me. My front tooth is fake because… yup, you know this one too.

    On second thought, after blogging for 10+ years I no longer have any random facts I have not shared. That’s right, I’ve documented over ten years of my life on this little online journal. Not sure if that’s an accomplishment or …

Well shit. And so it seems we’re back to square one.

2. I don’t consider this a writing block, it’s a blogging block. Big difference. I’m actually writing every single day, my creative energy is simply going to my fiction work at this time which is killing my blogging work which leads to immense guilt because I love this dear old blog.

3. Book number two, which I started in November, is a thriller. I’ve never dabbled in the thriller stuff and it seemed kind of fun, so I figured why the hell not. My goal is to finish draft one by May 16th. (My first manuscript took me roughly six years, finishing my second by May would be about six months… so wish me luck.)

4. One way or another, 2020 is the year I’m finally going to share some of the fiction I’ve written.

5. Speaking of 2020, big changes are on the horizon this spring. And no, I’m not just saying that because I feel bad this is such a pathetic post and I’m hoping to leave just a little clickbait out there in hopes this isn’t the last post you ever read from. *changes are actually coming, but yes, I’m also leaving clickbait.

6. If I wasn’t blogging or selling t-shirts I would be… I would be shit out of luck, let’s just be honest here. My goals as a child were to, “play in the WNBA, win an Oscar, or be a surfer.” Stay humble, kid!

7. And then you hit your mid twenties and realize hanging with your dog all day is a pretty okay life goal, too.

8. I have a few weird OCDs with remembering keys, shutting off curling irons and blowing out candles… I have to verbally say out loud, “I blew out the candle,” or “I have my keys,” or I will convince myself otherwise. If you also have his this tick, try the verbal thing. It works! 🙂

We’re at eight and I’m just going to stop here because we all know it’s not happening today. I’ve been staring at this screen for nearly two hours (or two weeks whatever) trying to get something out, but I’m clearly struggling when I start mentioning my OCD tricks. I promise to write something better next time. I PROMISE!


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