Hello From New York!

Just popping in from New York to say hello!

And also to say OH NO I missed a day of Blogtober14! I’m honestly really mad at myself about this. And Helene, I’m so sorry! Thank God she’s a wonderful gal and is able to carry the Blogtober torch alone while I’m being a slacker in NYC.

I’m super short on time because I need to start working on my set for tonight, but here’s a few photos from the trip so far.

Last night was too much fun. I’m so excited to do it again tonight at the Greenwich Village Comedy club. And even more excited for those of you that are coming tonight! Make sure to come up afterward and say hello!

Hopefully I’ll find more time tomorrow to catch up and talk about the festival, but then again hopefully not. I’m enjoying this city way too much to be on my computer for the time being.

Catch you later!

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