My Alter Ego On Snapchat

Let’s continue our chat about social media, shall we?

So here’s the thing, there’s a constant battle going on inside of me when it comes to Instagram. If blogging weren’t my job, my account would solely be Harlow pics.

But Taylor, your feed is already just Harlow pics...

True. But what I’m saying is it would be even worse.

But because I’m involved in this lovely world of bloggers and and their beautiful blogger pics, that teenage Essena inside of me also wants to put out a nice blogger friendly pic every once in a while, as well. Which means I occasionally posts photos that I like/hate. Like take for example today’s pic.

I got dressed. I was excited about it. And I got Starbucks. I usually go to my mom/pop coffee shop next door but I had a meeting by the Starbucks down the block so I thought what the hell. It’s red cup season!

LIE! I didn’t have a meeting. But bloggers always say that so I wanted to as well.

Anyway, I looked down and noticed how painfully basic I was and had to snap a pic. One part of me felt happy about this Insta worth pic, and the other part was eye rolling so hard. Thus the inner battle.

Stick with me here, I’m also to the point of my post.

I think I’ve finally found the perfect social media outlet for me. And it’s called Snapchat.

For some reason I find Snapchat absolutely freeing. (For social media, anyway.)

1. Because there’s no follower count.
2. There ‘s no likes.
3. There’s basically no measurement.

That all might be false, but if there is a way to count I don’t know how and I’m fine with that. I hope I never learn.

Snapchat allows me to take that painfully basic pic you see above, and then make fun of it with 10 Snaps about my fake blogger meeting.

I think of it like this, if Instagram is where I try to be a blogger, then Snapchat is where I get to make fun of that blogger. I think I’ve finally created balance in my fake online life!

My only problem is that I sometimes forget people like to screen shot things… Just let me be my worst self on Snapchat people, that’s all I ask!

And also 90% of my snaps are videos of Harlow bossing me around and kicking kids off the jungle gym at the playground.

I never thought I’d enjoy this app, but here I am.

Never say never. -Justin Bieber

Are you a Snapper? Give me your username and your thoughts on it.