I Lost A Glove and almost cried and also I’m doing Fine

I lost a glove yesterday.

The sidewalks of Chicago are covered in lonely lost gloves and mittens at the moment and now my sweet old right glove is part of them somewhere. I even went looking for it, not ready to give up hope. Can you believe that? I retraced my steps from the last time I saw it and was certain it would turn up, but alas, no such luck.

So perhaps it ran away.

It was an old glove, so I shouldn’t have been that hung up on it. But damn it, it was a good glove. Warm and fuzzy, but not too bulky. A Tj Maxx special with iphone touch grippers. Although I feel like I should mention those “grippers” faded away years ago, so… so like I said, it was probably time to move on.

All this to say, why yes, I was a bit emotionally unstable yesterday. Thank you for noticing.

That Facebook crap really got to me, a lot more than I’d like to admit. Each time a new ad popped up with my face, or I saw that more comments were being deleted, and people were being blocked, my blood pressure rose. I was firing off emails to Facebook left and right and getting absolutely nowhere, except down a deeper hole within myself.

I listen to enough podcasts and read enough self help books to realize at the core of it all, it was my ego going nuts. Absolutely crazy. How dare someone do this to me? St. Patrick’s Day is my busiest time of year! The nerve! Where was my credit?! Where was my control??? Give me credit and control now or else!!!! 


My emails yesterday were full of exclamation points and red text. Yes, I pulled out the red text color because I meant BUSINESS. You scorn me and I will show you that I know how to change text colors. I WILL SHOW EVERYONE.

I will show everyone


I’m a little off my rocker today.

I think it’s important to stick up for yourself and your business, but when “sticking up” turns into just throwing a tantrum and full on dwelling, it’s no longer useful energy or time well spent. Not for me, anyway.

“Worry has never solved any problem.” -Eckhart Tolle

Anyone else listening to the Eckhart Tolle classes on Oprah’s podcast right now? I’m so glad they came out this winter because as I’ve already mentioned only about 750 times previous, this winter has gotten to me a bit. Today I’m going to learn how to let go of the “pain body” once and for all and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m lucky my “pain body” isn’t normally that strong or angry, but boy oh boy it has its moments because my fuse is short and my mind is creative. Yesterday it had a moment.

My negativity was swarming me and everything I did (which I can only assume is why poor glove chose yesterday of all days to run away) so I knew I had to check myself fast before I wasted any more time. Or lost any more gloves.

So I grabbed a pen and paper and started making lists of things that make me happy. After that it was a list of things I’m grateful for. Then I made a productive list of new business ideas, marketing stuff, and possible watermarks for images…

24 hours later I’ve thrown off the weight of that crap I was voluntarily hauling around all day yesterday. The situation isn’t necessarily solved, but I know where to look for it when I’m ready. Why go through the extra work of carrying it with me to other places it doesn’t belong? I always seem to forget that I get to choose what I allow to bother me and what I don’t…

And this has been my TED TALK … excuse me I mean TAY TALK for today. Come back tomorrow when I have to repeat it all over to myself again because that’s how it works!!

And if winter is making you itchy, don’t forget next weekend is March 🙂 The sunshiny energy will return, I can feel it.


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