20 Gift Ideas For Dad! (Human & Dog Dad.)

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away. So let’s get to it! Everything I’m about to show you should be able to arrive in time (if you order it asap and don’t wait around…) affiliate links will be used.

Might I suggest some… new sunnies? Chris’s faves are Persols. They are pricey, so do as we do and find them on sale here.

The one, the only, the Yeti bucket cooler. People are obsessed with these.

Don’t want the huge cooler? Go for the tumbler.

Or the Swell Teakwood Travel Mug. (This is my personal go-to.)

Perhaps your dad is more of a whiskey and cigar kinda guy. In that case, this glass has a built in cigar holder.

This cigar case.

The Herschel duffel bag. I’ve now bought this for Chris, my dad, and myself. So yes, I love this bag!

The DAD grilling set it kinda cute kinda cheesy. However, there’s a very good chance this is exactly what Harlow will order Chris for Father’s Day. 😛

Personalized dopp kit. (Order this one soon!)

Customized dog socks.

Golf cornhole! We got this for my dad a few years ago and it’s always a fun summer game to play.

These Patagonia swim trunks.

Patagonia lake hat.

Papa Bear Mug.

Chris got these Birks before Hawaii and he loves them! They’ve become his new summer sandal.

Shoe shine kit. Sounds boring, but every guy I know has one of these (or wants one.)

Don’t you dare forget about the custom pet prints from Kamvas. I may own a few…

Nike Joggers.


Saved the best for last. The Pistachio tray. GAME CHANGER.


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