Coffee Talk With Tay & Har- 14 Questions

Time for another coffee talk with me and Har. You ask me questions and I attempt to answer them without getting too off track and going on my own tangents…. Let’s see how it goes.

Q: Why did you start blogging?

A: Because I was working in a cubicle and I needed somewhere to rant about how much I loathed my annoying boss and terrible job. Real mature, right? I was 22… so I was pretty much a huge asshole. I HAVE CHANGED and GROWN. a little.

Q: Did you start making money right away from blogging?

A: Lol no. It took me 5-6 years before I even knew it was possible to make money from blogging. (This is not the norm.) I always make things much more difficult than they need to be.

Other than to bitch about my job, I also started a blog because I love to write. When I graduated from college the one thing that every single English professor told me is that it’s absolutely crucial for a writer to write every single day. Blogging keeps me accountable.

Q: Are you still writing a book?

I am. And that’s why I was a little absent last week. I am writing and I am finishing it (83,000 words and counting!) My deadline is January 31st (as in a few days away.) It’s kinda silly but when I think of actually finishing it (draft one, I mean) I almost feel myself wanting to cry. *I like to romanticize things.* 

It’s so all over the place and the final act I’m writing is truly a shit show and there’s way too much going on, but I’ve basically lost my mind at this point and am just rolling with it. Because I have to finish it just for the sake of FINALLY finishing something that is important to me.

*I have a tendency to start and quit a lot of things. So there’s a lot of emotional baggage riding on this one.*

Q: What do you struggle with the most in t-shirt business?

A: My ego and taking things too personally. It’s taught me a lot about customer service. I also get kinda bummed when I see people copy the stuff I create, word for word, exact design and all, but I’m getting better at letting go and remembering there’s room for all of us.

Now please buy 100 shirts from me by clicking here.

Q: Do you have any other hobbies other than drinking and dogs.

A: No, asshole.

Lol. Yes, I do actually, thanks mom. I’m one of those people who is never bored, I’ve been this way as long as I can remember. I love to read, write sketch and standup, walk Har, do pilates, study home decor, wash my crystals, write down mantras, do yoga, plant in the summer, cook, travel, I HAVE HOBBIES, okay?! And movies! Oh, I love watching movies.

Q: What is your personality type?

A: INFP- an idealist introvert. For the enneagram thing I’m type 8 I just learned. “Powerful, Dominating Type: Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, and Confrontational.”

Basic Fear: Of being harmed or controlled by others. YES x 100. 

Basic Desire: To protect themselves (to be in control of their own life and destiny) Also yes. 

So I guess it’s kinda true… I never start confrontation, that’s not my thing. However, I do struggle backing down from it. If someone’s going to say something to me, I can’t just walk away. I tend to get a little feisty. And I’ve really had to work on my temper because that also runs hot. But this deserves an entire post. COMING SOON.

Q: What’s your workout and diet?

A: Pilates, and walking Har about 5-7 miles a day in the winter (except now when it’s frigid it’s more like 1 mile) and in the summer we walk closer to 10 miles a day.

For diet I eat cereal, drink green smoothies, and eat a lot of fish, sweet potatoes and beans during the week. Weekends all hell breaks lose.

Q: Favorite Chicago restaurant?

A: Mott St. We go here a few times a month (just went Friday, actually.) It is so so so so good. I’m working on a longer list that I’m hoping to post soon.

Q: What neighborhood do you live in?

A: Wicker Park. Absolutely love the people, food and bars, but sometimes miss the streets of Lincoln Park.

Q: What do you do with your old clothes?

A: I donate to a shelter or clothes drive.

Q: Least favorite thing about blogging?

A: Everything I don’t like about blogging are things I project onto myself, or willingly participating in – so I always feel like a whiny little bitch complaining about a job I know I am very lucky to have.

That said, I hate the pressure to feel like I need to constantly show pretty photos, or post about great vacations, and all of that other showy shit that gets annoying. Occasionally I have to unfollow people who make me feel like crap (I am not blaming said people, this is a feeling I’m putting on myself) but I would hate to ever make someone feel the way I’ve felt at times when I get lost in the game of comparison… Does that make sense? I’d prefer to make people laugh and feel okay about shitty days rather than thinking they’re less than.

Now everyone go like every pic I’ve ever posted!!! Jk. But yeah, it’s a weird world and a weird job and I have to keep myself in check.

Q: Do you want a job in social media forever?

A: Hmmm. Posting pics? God no. Making silly vids? Sure!

Q: Most popular t-shirt you’ve ever sold?

In 2016 it was Married AF.

But all-time is this one.      (click bait.)

Q: In a dream world, where do you see yourself in ten years?

A: Oh I love dream worlds. So… in my dream world, ten years from now I’m consistently writing books (that people are reading!) And the podcast that Claire and I are about to start (dropping a little teaser, will share more later) has become wildly popular and now we get to tour and do things that famous podcasters do?! Not sure what that is, but I’ll get back to you in ten years. I miss being on stage. I miss telling jokes. So if we could take our show on the road (this is a DREAM WORLD, you guys so I’m going all in) and get back to the performance side of things, I think I would be pretty happy. 🙂

Har and Chris come along too, but when we get tired we go to our big ranch out in the middle of nowhere and relax and play with the tons of rescue dogs who live with us, as well.


Okay I have to go now because I need a glass of wine and I need to think more on how to make this dream life come true…




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