Coffee Talk With Tay & Har- 17 Questions

In an effort to get the creative juices flowing again, I put out a call to action on Instagram yesterday and opened the question forum. ASK ME ANYTHING, I said. *not really anything, obviously.* Stuff about blogging, working from home, Harlow, Chicago, etc.

Much to my delight, you guys actually participated. A lot! THANK YOU! Just like the very creative name of my blog, I decided to call this segment “Coffee Talk With Tay & Har.”

Let’s start with the easy stuff.

Chris and I. 

“How Did You Two Meet?”

Twas a September eve many moons ago (I think eleven years actually) when we met in a musty college basement at a frat party. But it was more or less a setup. A girl in my sorority was friends with Chris and said she knew a “cute guy” and she wanted to “set him up” with someone. And then I quickly pushed all of my other friends to the ground and was like, I volunteer as tribute! Read the entire story here.

Long story short, he took me on my first “real dinner date,” and when I came back from it I told all of my KAT sisters, “I don’t want to sound cheesy, but I bet this will last awhile.”

Speaking of KAT…

“Were you in a sorority?”

Yes. Kappa Alpha Theta. College Greek life gets a bad rep, (a lot of it is deserved, some not so much) but I had a good experience. And let’s be honest, if I didn’t buy my friends in college I would have had ZERO chance at making any.

“As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I had a very large ego as a child (and zero talent to back it up) but saw no reason why I wouldn’t become a famous athlete, singer, dancer, actor, gymnast, business person, ext. It just made the most sense to do all the things and get very rich and famous from doing all of the things.

To get a better idea for how big of a monster I was, please read this post. It explains a lot about me.

Back to Chris…

“Do you guys want kids?”

Assuming we can have them, yes someday, perhaps. Not at the current moment. Read more of our FAQ here. 

“Does Chris think you’re funny?”

Yes, but him and I both know the biggest fan of my jokes/humor is… me. I’ll admit it!

“What’s your workout?

Har and I walk a lot. In the summer, we usually hit about 10-11 miles a day. In the winter it drops to about 5-6. I also do pilates about three times a week.

I used to HATE working out, I was the girl who left any group class about 30 minutes in. I’d get too antsy and bored and just say screw it and walk out. And then the year I got married I tried pilates and everything changed. I am hooked. (I tried to smile in this pic but it was HARD.)

“What’s your diet?”

I eat a lot of beans, fish, cereal, wine, chips, and no red meat. Chris and I stopped eating mammals two years ago and haven’t looked back. However, I do still eat cheese and drink milk.

I try to eat healthy-ish Monday-Friday and then all bets are off on the weekends. During the week a lot of our meals are plant based (we eat a lot of meat substitutes.) We also do all of that trendy cauliflower shit (rice, gnocchi, pizza crusts) and some of it is actually okay.

“Did you go to college?”

I sure did. Although it may be hard to tell sometimes given my grammar, I have an English degree with a minor in creative writing. Both VERY useful degrees. I don’t care what anyone says.

*now please buy 100 tshirts so I can pay off my student loans this decade.

Business/Blog talk…

“What made you decide to start your own business?”

I started selling t-shirts with the hope it would last a few months so I didn’t have to “get a real job before Christmas.” Four years later I still haven’t had to get that “real job.” THANK GOD!

*I also don’t do well with authority or people telling me what to do.

“What did you do before blogging?”

A lot of weird shit. Most involved sales and public speaking of some sort.

I worked at a tractor magazine, recruited for a culinary school, made kids sell cookie dough, failed at a staffing agency, tried to sell coupon books (not apps, like a physical coupon book lol) … there’s probably more but I’ve blocked them out.

“Has your blog changed at all?”

Since I started it in 1978? Oh hells yes. It took me about 5-6 years to find my identity on here. Still feels like I’m looking sometimes… And THAT’S OKAY!

“How do you track your blog finances?”

I keep all work finances on the same credit card and then hire someone to crunch the numbers.

“How do you keep your hair grey/silver/whatever color it is?”

All of my hair secrets are in this post. Also, I’m 100!

Since writing that post I’ve added in this conditioner to get more silvery/grey and this purple toning masque to keep my hair ALIVE!

“Will you ever move back to Nebraska?”

At this time, no. But the Biebs told me to never say never! 

*but no.

“Did you stop comedy because it gave you too much anxiety?”

Nope. I actually feel more comfortable on stage than almost anywhere else, it’s my happy place. If given the choice to talk with strangers in a room, or talk TO them on a stage… give me the stage please 🙂 What does that say about me? Probably nothing good…

I still feel like I’m pursuing comedy, just from a different angle. The late-nights simply weren’t for me (I couldn’t hack it.) So I set out to find a different way to get my comedy fix, but from the comfort of my home… Is it working? No idea. I may never know.

“Name some of your biggest goals.”

Save dogs. Make people laugh.

“Favorite kind of music?”

My music taste is very random and all over the place. I never listen to pop, but then I’ll hear a Cardi B song like two years later and think, wow this is catchy!

But I’m a sucker for anything from the 70s and early 80s. I love “dad music.”

My “more modern” taste includes: Alabama Shakes, Leon Bridges, Maggie Rogers, Chance, Florence, ext ext.

That’s all I’ve got time for today because Har needs a walk. But you all asked a lot of things I still want to cover so hopefully I’ll be back to talk about:

Harlow!!! Training (lol, he has none) puppy advice (it was hard) and will he get a sibling?!

Starting your own business.

Thoughts On “Influencing.”

And my favorite topic of all … ANXIETY!

Yes, I’m here for it. All of it. See you soon.

*pretty top pic by @aesthetiica

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